Before MyFitnessPal, anyone attempting to cut calories or monitor intake had to do it the old fashioned way, with a notebook and pen. Launched in 2005, the app provided a database of foods with precise nutritional values. 

Originally, co-founder Mike Lee built the app as a way to track his weight before his wedding, but started working on it full-time after interest from friends and family. 

It wouldn’t be until 2009, when MyFitnessPal launched on iOS, that the app exploded in growth. Adding millions of users a month, Lee quickly moved from a startup mentality to a fully-grown business, expanding to over 100 countries and adding thousands of unique food items, dishes and restaurants to the database. 

The focus was solely on tracking calories, with limited fitness features. 

During Lee’s tenure, MyFitnessPal grew to 80 million active users. In 2015, Under Armour acquired the company for $475 million, the second in a series of technology acquisitions by the sport apparel brand, as it attempted to become a connected fitness brand as well. 

The past five years have seen steady revenue and usage growth for MyFitnessPal, although not much has changed from the original app vision. Under Armour has struggled to build out its connected fitness segment, scaling back on its hardware ambitions in the past few years after multiple failures.  

According to The Information, Under Armour is looking to sell MyFitnessPal, which could garner a price of between $500 million and $1 billion. Potential buyers may include Strava, the popular cycling and running app, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

We have collected data and statistics on MyFitnessPal revenue, profit and usage. Read on below to find out more.

MyFitnessPal Overview

Launch date2005
HQBaltimore, Maryland
PeopleMike Lee (founder), Patrik Frisk (Under Armour, CEO), Kevin Plank (executive chairman)
Business typeSubsidiary
Parent companyUnder Armour
IndustryHealth and fitness

MyFitnessPal Revenue

2016$64 million
2017$71 million
2018$96 million
2019$108 million

Note: We estimate that 80 percent of Under Armour Connected Fitness segment revenue comes from MyFitnessPal, which is the company’s flagship app. 

Source: Under Armour

MyFitnessPal Profit

2016($36 million)
2017($55 million)
2018$6 million
2019$17 million

Note: Profit covers the entire Connected Fitness segment. This includes several failed wearables, which would have increased the segment’s annual loss. We expect MyFitnessPal is not a loss making part of the segment, in 2014 CEO Mike Lee said it had been profitable for many years. 

Source: Under Armour

MyFitnessPal Users

201475 million
201685 million
2018150 million
2020180 million

Sources: MyFitnessPal, The Guardian, MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal other key stats

  • Generated approximately $100 million in revenue in 2019 (Under Armour)
  • Under Armour acquired MyFitnessPal for $475 million (Business Insider)
  • Is Under Armour’s flagship connected fitness app
  • In 2018, 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were hacked (The Guardian)
  • Seven billion logged foods in the database
  • 20 million monthly active users in the United States (Verto)
  • 11th most popular health and fitness app on the App Store (SimilarWeb)
  • MyFitnessPal could be worth between $500 million to $1 billion in a sale (The Information)

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