Roblox is an online game platform which allows its users to program games and play games created by others. It was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel.

Although, the story of Roblox started much earlier. In 1989, David Baszucki founded Knowledge Revolution, a company which focused on educational physics and mechanical simulation software. From there he programmed a 2D simulation physics lab called Interactive Physics.

Students globally started to use the software to test and learn about the mechanical aspects of physics. They tested the laws of physics to see how cars collided or how houses were destroyed. The success of the software led to Erik Cassel interviewing with David and eventually joining him.

In 1999, Knowledge Revolution was acquired for $20 million by MSC Software, a leading provider of engineering simulation software. David and Erik took senior roles at MSC software but eventually parted ways with the company. The pair often reminisced as to how Interactive Physics was used for fun rather than an educational tool. Thus, birthing the idea of Roblox as they pondered about a physically simulated 3D world.

In 2003 the URL was purchased, which was later renamed Dynablocks. Dynablocks would become the beta version of Roblox when it was launched in 2004. They thought the name was difficult to remember, therefore it was renamed Roblox in 2005. A year later the website came out of beta and was officially launched in 2006.

Early on the game was quite simple but it still resonated with a base community who wanted to support the platform. Fast forward the next couple of years, the community started to grow and more enhancements were made to keep the game fresh. Users could now design different sorts of games as more terrain and customizable options were added. As the game got more popular they finally opened Roblox to mobile devices, in 2012, the game was released on IOS. These days, 75.4% of their mobile revenue comes from Apple devices.

As it continued to grow in popularity Roblox started to expand their horizon. Today the game can be played on Xbox One and Android. But that isn’t enough, Roblox has even delved into the Virtual Reality market. VR enthusiasts can now enjoy Roblox as the game is now compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

From humble beginnings, Roblox has become one of the most popular games. Earlier in 2020, the game was worth an astounding $4 billion. The company boasts a remarkable 150 million monthly users which rose by 35 million from 2019. As the rest of the gaming industry profited from the pandemic so did Roblox. As lockdown began they saw a usage increase of 40%. This meant that Roblox has eclipsed competitors Minecraft who only have 126 million monthly users.

Because the platform allows you to create your own games, this means you can earn real money when users make vital purchases, while now they can also monetise their games through engagement.  This year, Roblox developers are on track to earn $250 million, rising by $140 million from last years projection. Roblox even introduced a premium payout which paid developers on engagement time of premium subscribes in-game. As of June 2020, developers had earned $2 million from this alone.

Roblox has surprised everyone with how successful it has become. It generally has positive reviews from those that encounter it. It’s consistently performing well on IOS and Google Play as it’s always been popular with children and teens. CommonSenseMedia gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, praising its creativity and variety of games.

Below we’ve compiled stats and figures which highlight the success of this company. Read on to discover the data behind Roblox.

Roblox Overview

HQSan Mateo, California
PeopleDavid Baszucki (Founder & CEO)
Erik Cassel (Founder)
CompanyRoblox Corporation (Publishers & Developers)
Company typePrivate Company

Roblox User Statistics
Roblox Monthly Users

201880 Million
201990 Million
2020150 million

Source: RobloxRobloxTechCrunch

Roblox Monthly Active users

January 20127 million
March 201748 million
April 201990 million
August 2019100 million
February 2020115 million
July 2020150 million

Source: Craft

Roblox Alexa Ranking

February 2020114
March 2020125
April 202094
June 202096
July 202091

Source: Craft
*Numbers indicate Alexa Website Rank

Roblox Total Website visits per month

February 2020460.2 million
March 2020563.6 million
April 2020675.4 million
May 2020721 million

Source: Craft

Roblox Financials

Roblox Annual Revenue


Source: VideoGameStats

Roblox Global Player Spending 

May 2019$37.5M
June 2019$42.4M
July 2019$47.4M
August 2019$50.9M
September 2019$44.5M
October 2019$46.8M
November 2019$48.3M
December 2019$79.3M
January 2020$65.2M
February 2020$54.6M
March 2020$69.8M
April 2020$93.2M
May 2020$102.9M

Source: Statista

Roblox Funding rounds

DateSeriesNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
Jan 7, 2005Series AUnknown$560KUnknown
Aug 2, 2006Series BUnknown$1.1MUnknown
Jan 29, 2008Series C2$2.9MAltos Ventures, First Round Capital
Jul 21, 2009Series D2$2.2MAltos Ventures, First Round Capital
May 11, 2011Series D2$4MAltos Ventures, First Round Capital
Jan 24, 2017Series E2$25MIndex Ventures, Meritech Capital Partners
Jul 16, 2018Series F6$150MGreylock, Tiger Global Management
Feb 26, 2020Series G6$150MAndreessen Horowitz

Source: CrunchBase
Roblox Valuation


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Other Key Roblox stats

  • For May 2020, Roblox was the third highest-grossing mobile game in terms of worldwide revenue (SensorTower)
  • Roblox has 3 billion total engagement hours each month (Roblox)
  • $241 million have been paid to community developers (Roblox)
  • As of June 2020, Roblox had been downloaded 383 million times across Google Play and IOS (GamesIndustry)
  • During the Pandemic, Roblox added 35 million monthly active users in just 5 months (TechSpot)
  • Roblox’s user base spends 1.5 billion hours each month (TechCrunch)
  • In 2018, children under 13 used Roblox more than any other top online entertainment apps (TechCrunch)

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