In January 2021, the one thing that developers and promoters are most concerned about is: Apple announced that it will launch the transparent APP privacy tracking function in the next iOS14 Beta test versions (including iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, etc.), and will The iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and Apple tvOS 14 updated versions released in the early spring of this year are publicly available.

IDFA permission

Whether App needs to acquire users through digital advertising or digital advertising business as a source of income, the adjustment of IDFA will have an impact on developers and promoters. For the solution, please click the previous article "Attention! In the early spring of 2021, Apple will forcefully enable App Privacy Tracking Inquiry for review. Qimai Research Institute will continue to pay attention to relevant news and keep up with everyone in time.

What are the major events happening at Apple in January, let me review it with everyone!

1. Facebook compromises with Apple and has no choice but to comply with the iOS 14 privacy polic.

On the morning of January 7, it was reported that Facebook was still panicking about the upcoming iOS 14 privacy changes. The company sent an email to businesses on Wednesday, telling them that Facebook had no choice but to comply with iOS 14's App Tracking Transparency. Otherwise, Apple may completely remove Facebook from the App Store.

2. Apple laptop is expected to wirelessly charge iPhone.

On January 7th, according to foreign media reports, Apple has applied for a new patent named "Inductive charging between electronic devices." The patent describes how to wirelessly charge iPhone and Apple Watch. The areas on both sides of the MacBook touchpad can be used as wireless charging pads. In addition, the back of the iPad can also wirelessly charge mobile phones and watches.

3. Apple plans to launch a podcast subscription service.

On January 18th, Apple is planning to launch a paid subscription service. This service may pose a threat to other large companies such as Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon, etc. (Apple currently operates one of the most popular podcast apps in the industry). In the past few years, these companies have annexed a large number of podcast production companies to gain more control in the podcast advertising market. In addition, by charging for individual podcasts, Apple can also provide podcast creators with opportunities to earn more income.

4. The new patent shows that Apple glasses may automatically unlock your iPhone.

It is understood that Apple has now obtained a patent that uses "Apple glasses" or similar devices to automatically unlock other users' devices. This is similar to the way the Mac might unlock if the user wears the Apple Watch.

5. In 2021, Apple will rename the iPhone 12s instead of the iPhone 13.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, in 2021, Apple may return to the classic way of mobile phone fame and launch the iPhone 12s instead of the iPhone 13. Apple headquarters is preparing a new model to be released in September 2021. The new mobile phone will not change much, it will actually be an upgraded version of the iPhone 12, resulting in the idea of ​​reusing the letter "S", just as it did before the iPhone 8.

6. iPhone 13 starts to make samples: bangs become smaller, and the whole system is equipped with lidar scanning.

According to the news on January 24, with the continuous advancement of the iPhone13 research and development progress, the news about the iPhone13 is also constant.

According to industry chain news, Apple will still use FaceID design on iPhone13 compared with iPhone12, but thanks to more advanced technology, iPhone13 will have smaller bangs than iPhone12. In addition, iPhone 13's CMOS will also get upgrade.

7. Analyst: Apple plans to release iPhone 13 with Wi-Fi 6E technology this year.

According to news on January 26, in December last year, foreign media GSMArena reported that iPhone13 will use WiFi 6E technology. Recently, Barclays analysts mentioned in a market research report that Apple plans to release iPhone 13 that supports Wi-Fi 6E technology this year. It is also reported that Apple supplier Skyworks (Skyworks) will provide various components for the iPhone 13.

8. IDC: Apple's smartphone market share in the fourth quarter soared to 23.4%, regaining the top spot.

According to data released by market research agency IDC today, Apple’s iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter soared by 22%, accounting for nearly a quarter of the global smartphone market, and its ranking jumped from fourth in the third quarter to The first one. Apple’s iPhone’s market share in the fourth quarter rose to 23.4% from 19.9% ​​in the same period last year.

9. 18 Apple industry chain companies' 2020 performance forecast.

Wind data shows that as of the evening of January 27, 21 Apple industry chain companies, including Desay Battery, Dongshan Precision, and Lens Technology, have released 2020 annual performance forecasts, of which 18 companies are pre-happy. The agency pointed out that Apple's mobile phone industry chain still maintains a high level of prosperity and is optimistic about the long-term trend of Apple's supply chain.

10. Apple released a new financial report: single-quarter revenue hit a record high, and revenue in Greater China increased 57% year-on-year!

In the early morning of January 28th, Beijing time, Apple released its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal 2021: Apple’s overall revenue reached US$111.439 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21%, setting a record single-quarter revenue; net profit was US$28.755 billion, a year-on-year increase. 29%.

11. AppTrackingTransparency requirements will come into effect soon.

On January 28, Apple officially announced that the App needs to obtain the user's permission through AppTrackingTransparency to track the user and access the advertising identifier of its device. Apple temporarily postponed this requirement at the end of last year to give developers more time to prepare. This requirement will take effect in the next beta update, and will be publicly available in the iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and Apple tvOS 14 updated versions released in the early spring. Apple recommends that developers verify the implementation of AppTrackingTransparency in the app as soon as possible. Without the user’s permission, they will not be allowed to be tracked, and their device’s advertising identifier value will be all zero.

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