H&M’s unreasonable boycott of cotton in Xinjiang has aroused anger among Chinese people. As the incident fermented, e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD took the lead in removing all H&M products and stores; search for "H&M" in Baidu Maps and AutoNavi Maps, etc. In the words, no relevant location results can be found; Xiaohongshu, which focuses on planting grass sharing, also blocks the content of planting grass sharing related to H&M.

In addition, the "H&M Mall" App has also been removed from the major Android App Stores, and its user reviews in the App Store have also surged. The related branded apps have also been affected to varying degrees.

H&M Mall App is removed from all major Android platforms

Following the removal of H&M products and stores on multiple e-commerce platforms, the H&M Mall App was also removed from the shelves. According to ASOWorld data monitoring, after March 23, the ranking of H&M Mall App in the Huawei App Market suddenly disappeared.


At 5 o'clock on March 25, "H&M Mall" was removed from the vivo app store; at 10 o'clock, it was removed from the App Store...As of press time, 8 mainstream Android app stores have been removed from the "H&M Mall" "App.


H&M Mall App’s negative reviews in the App Store surge

According to the data monitoring of Qimai data, with the fermentation of public opinion, the ranking of H&M Mall App in the App Store has risen. From the figure below, it is not difficult to find that starting from March 24, this App is shopping (free of charge). ) The ranking of the list began to climb. As of press time, its ranking in the shopping (free) list has reached the 41st position.


H&M Mall App recent rankings

Its estimated downloads in the App Store also showed an upward trend on March 25, rising from the previous daily average of about 1100 to 8000+.


 Estimated downloads of H&M Mall App in the near future

Compared with the "strange" phenomenon of rankings and the surge in downloads, the number of user reviews of H&M Mall App appears to be "normal". From the data in the figure below, it is not difficult to find that "H&M Mall", which received only a dozen reviews a day in the past month, suddenly received 245 reviews on March 25, of which 217 were one-star bad reviews.


H&M Mall App recent reviews

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What about the related branded apps?

In addition to H&M, clothing brands such as Uniqlo and Nike are all related to this incident. Through data monitoring, it is found that starting from the 25th, the user reviews of "Uniqlo Pocket" and "Nike" in the App Store have also seen a sharp increase of one-star bad reviews.


Recent Reviews on the Pocket Uniqlo App

NikeApp recent reviews


On the other hand, the brand that supports Xinjiang Cotton has also received the attention and support of Chinese people. The ranking of "Li Ning Official Website" in the App Store has been rapidly improved on March 25. As of the time of publication, its ranking in the life (free) list has reached 84.


Sum up

As of press time, the ranking of H&M Mall App’s rankings has stabilized, but the number of users' bad reviews in the App Store related to the App is still increasing. From the removal of products from major e-commerce platforms to the removal of related apps from major application stores, this "cotton" incident is enough to show to multinational companies that there is no basic business ethics, disrespect for facts, and behavior that goes beyond the bottom line. In exchange for resistance from Chinese consumers, it is bound to be abandoned by the Chinese market.

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