Recently, foreign media CNBC shared some details about app review in a report on how the Apple App Store reviews apps, including how Apple determines whether an app meets the regulations; if there is a dispute, how it decides the final handling method, etc.

ASOWorld data compiled the following content for developers based on this report and the new interface content of App Store and App Review:

Preliminary screening and classification by machine review, manual random assignment to strengthen review.

We have always had doubts about Apple's review. Is it a machine review or a manual review? According to a person familiar with the department, although Apple does use automatic filters (machine review), the department still relies on manual reviews. The main function of machine review is to filter out obvious unqualified review content and efficiently allocate work, and improve the fairness and efficiency of manual review. All audit results are manually reviewed by Apple's reviewers.

According to people familiar with Facebook and YouTube, Apple's manual review is composed of Apple's internal employees. The most basic of App reviewers is to start reviewing iPhone applications. With the accumulation of work experience, the training intensity will increase. The work direction of the reviewers will also include in-app purchases, subscriptions and other functional reviews or Apple Watch and Apple TV. Platform application review.

There are currently more than 300 reviewers at App Review's headquarters, which are located in two offices in Sunnyvale, California. According to a person familiar with the matter, Apple recently opened new app review offices in Cork, Ireland and Shanghai, China. In recent years, Apple has been increasing the number of reviewers. I believe that the improvement of review time and efficiency is good news for developers.

Apple has very high language requirements for reviewers. Since the previous review apps were allocated by language, that is to say, the Chinese apps were reviewed by the Chinese team. However, considering the problem of favoritism and fraud, they are currently randomly assigned after screening by the computer. This is why the language of Apple reviewers is the focus of their assessment. Apple said that some reviewers speak 81 different languages.

60% pass rate and 40% rejection rate

Each Apple reviewer needs to review approximately 50-100 applications per day. Watchtower will track the review status of each App in order to respond to the developer or resubmit for review after revision by the developer. It is also for Apple Collect App quality related data.

For reviewers, Apple has developed an SLA assessment system (service level agreement) for them. Apple's requirements for review time are very clear. The reviewer is required to complete the review of 50% of the applications within 24 hours and 90% of the applications within 48 hours. According to Apple, 40% of apps will be rejected or updated, and related issues will be checked and reported to the developers. When evaluating data in multiple dimensions at the same time, the SLA will meet the normal standard. When it is lower than the normal value, the assessor will receive an email notification to warn.

Such an audit system guarantees the feedback after the developer submits the audit and the regulations on the efficiency and quality of the audit.

What should the developer do after rejection?

Developers can appeal to the App Review Board, which is composed of senior reviewers and has the right to modify the review decisions of reviewers with lower levels.

Looking at the overall situation of Apple’s refusal, most apps are rejected by Apple for three main reasons:

1. App that is deceptive or deceptive

2. Vulnerable apps

3. Apps that violate user privacy

Developers can mainly reflect on whether there is relevant content experience in the code from these three starting points to ensure that the product passes the review smoothly.

Developers need to pay attention to:

The reviewer who has worked at Apple said that when the review is rejected and the developer chooses to appeal, Apple will explain the reason for overturning or rejecting the app. At this time, someone inside Apple will call the developer. Therefore, if developers receive a call from Apple, they can communicate in time, and ask for the reasons for the refusal as much as possible.

The refusal is not determined by the size of the company and the size of the developer team, and Apple treats all developers equally. Don’t have a sense of superiority. Apple’s refusal will not be based on the background, so when the developer submits for review, it is recommended to check in multiple parties before submitting.

Payment exceptions, parental control App Apple reviewers will pay special attention, if there is a problem, they will take the initiative to contact, so related apps need to pay attention to ensure that there is no escape or deception.

Apple gives developers solutions to common reasons for rejection in the App Review webpage. Developers can refer to Apple's suggestions to make timely corrections and release the app as soon as possible. The specific content can be copied link: to view.

If the developer needs to further appeal and other operations, he can directly communicate with Apple through "Contact Us":!/topic/select

Sum up

1. Apple's manual review is relatively strict, and it is recommended that developers respond positively and modify them in time to try to pass the review early;

2. Apple’s rejection rate is 40%, so there will be more or less problems after being rejected, and you can make corrections in time or submit an appeal to the senior reviewer. But there will be some problems here, and there may be new audit results, so the pros and cons are mixed;

3. Because the work experience, level and review mode of the reviewers are slightly different, according to the assessment of the reviewer who provided the review results, try to modify as much as possible. If there is no problem repeatedly, you can appeal;

4. Reasons for refusal Apple provides relevant common explanations. If you encounter related problems or before submitting for review, you can refer to them.

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