After the "H&M Mall" App was taken off the shelves of the major Android app stores due to the Xinjiang Cotton incident, ASO World Research Institute recently discovered that Nike and Adidas related apps have also been taken off the shelves in the major Android markets, and are in the App Store. There is a phenomenon of declining ranking on the list.

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The status of "Nike" in the Android app market


The status of "Adidas" in the Android app market

The same developer App has been collectively removed

At present, in app stores such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc., the download service of Nike and Adidas has been suspended. Searching for "Nike", "Nike", "Adidas" and other terms has no relevant results.

Search results of "Nike" and "Adidas" in the Huawei App Store

Apps from the same developers as "Nike" and "Adidas", such as "Nike Adapt", are currently in a state of being removed from the Android app store market.

"Nike" App with the developer

The status of "Nike Adapt" in the Android app market


After being removed from the shelves, Nike and Adi were shocked.

According to statistics from Qimai, Nike and Adidas reached cumulative downloads of 4700w+ and 2700w+ respectively before being removed from the Android market. The average daily downloads in the past 30 days reached 16w+ and 8w+. It can be seen that after this round of collective blockade of the Android market, the impact on Nike and Adidas is not small.


Distribution of download channels of ``Nike'' in the Android app market


 Distribution of Download Channels of "Adidas" in the Android App Market

In addition, from the download channel distribution map of the Android application market, it can be seen that the number of downloads from the Huawei application market is the largest, accounting for 62% and 66% respectively; followed by OPPO and VIVO.

The ranking declines in the App Store.

Although users can still download Nike, Adidas and other apps in the App Store, after March 26, the rankings of the two apps have shown a clear downward trend. Among them, Nike has dropped nearly in the app (free) list. 200, currently in the 384 position; Adidas dropped by more than 400, ranking 686 in the application (free) list.


The ranking trend of ``Nike'' in the App Store in the past month


The ranking trend of "Adidas" in the App Store in the past month

Sum up

As of press time, the official Nike and Adidas apps have been removed from multiple Android app stores. Will other apps be affected in the future? Qimai Research Institute will continue to pay attention to this incident and keep up with everyone's latest developments!

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