Recently, an app called "National Anti-fraud Center" has rapidly risen in the App Store app free list.

Since 2020, four types of cases, including loan fraud, credit fraud, impersonating customer service fraud, and killing pig plate fraud, have occurred frequently. Judging from the analysis of the age ratio of defrauded users in the "Research Report on Telecommunications Network Fraud Governance under the New Situation (2020)" issued by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, fraud targets are showing a trend of younger age. More about ios keyword installs to increase app ranking.

In response to the current situation of telecommunications fraud cases, the National Anti-Fraud Center has organized a special work team to carry out cluster campaigns and implement centralized crackdowns and rectifications. In addition to entering major new media platforms, a practical app called "National Anti-Fraud Center" was launched to popularize fraud knowledge and prevent fraud crimes.

Using the App in the "National Anti-Fraud Center", we can: open the mobile phone permissions to allow the App to identify fraudulent calls; receive fraud information, you can manually upload reports in time; through the software, you can also learn about anti-fraud propaganda and fraud cases, and improve prevention Awareness and stop being deceived; in addition, the App can quickly detect installed applications and uninstalled installation packages on the entire machine, and accurately identify suspicious fraudulent applications in the phone.

The estimated downloads of the "National Anti-Fraud Center" in the App Store have exceeded 371w after being online for 20 days.

In terms of publicity, the National Anti-Fraud Center took the "people-friendly route", which not only opened online and offline linkages, but also invited traffic stars as endorsements: As early as February 1 this year, the National Anti-Fraud Center entered the People’s Daily customer At the same time, the official government account has been opened on popular platforms such as WeChat video account, Weibo, Douyin, and Kuaishou. It uses various forms such as police announcements and online sitcoms to promote anti-fraud knowledge and reappearance of fraud cases. Currently, it is only on Douyin. On the audio platform, the National Anti-Fraud Center has 222w+ fans and 300w+ views of related topics. After the App is launched, the content released by the Douyin platform is actively used to attract the App; use the power of local public security and the community, such as holding community-themed activities to promote residents Download; In addition, many celebrities such as Wang Yibo, Shen Teng, Yi Yang Qianxi, etc. were invited to help recommend. 

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