In February, a large number of games took advantage of the traffic dividend of the Spring Festival to quickly occupy the market share. Qimai Research Institute made an inventory of the game apps in February. Which game categories were the most popular in February? Which games are popular among players? Let us review it together!

The number of top 10 game rankings continues to rise

ASOWorld Research Institute found that during the entire February, a total of 42 games have entered the top 10 free games list. Compared with the previous two months, the number of apps on the list in February has decreased, and the competition among games has become more intense.

In February, a total of 5 game apps have been on the top 1 list of free games, which is 7 less than the 12 in January.

Judging from the ranking competition in February, the hottest games have dominated the list one after another, and the difficulty for game apps to get the top spot is gradually increasing. Among them, "Master of Emerald" has been on the Top1 throne 18 times in a row, and "High Heel I'm the Most Beautiful" ranked first 4 times in a row.

In February, a total of 80 mobile games won the game version number

In February 2021, the official website of the National Press and Publication Administration announced the second batch of game version numbers. A total of 84 domestic games were approved, and 80 mobile games accounted for 80, which was a slight drop from the 84 games in January. Among them, "Tower of Moon Shadow" is an NS game; "Forest Party", "Chaotic Secret" and "Anchor Agency" three games are terminal games.

A total of 117 mobile games were transferred to shelves through reservations in March

According to the booking monitoring of Qimai Data, a total of 117 iOS game products were launched on the App Store in March through pre-order transfer, including "Forget Chuan Fenghua Lu" from NetEase Games, and "Super Hero Salvation" under Perfect World. And the "Legend of Old Days" is worth looking forward to.

From the perspective of the types of games scheduled for mobile games, the top three game types are adventure, casual, and role-playing.

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