What are keywords?

Keywords are words, phrases that define the content of a specific page, and also this is a search query that a user enters in a search engine, for example in Google Play.

For example, you are looking for a travel app. This text entered in the search engine, and there are keywords. The webmaster who promotes this query should optimize the page correctly. That is, the word “travel” must be spelled out in the description or name a certain number of times, the names of the pictures must be spelled with this key, it must be “diluted”, used in a direct and not direct occurrence.

Why do we need keywords in the text?

Keywords are used in the text in order to increase the relevance of the page, and as a result – to promote it in search results. Of course, there are a lot of other factors affecting positions in search engines (inbound links, behavioral factors, domain age, resource attendance, trust, and much more), but keywords, basic page optimization are not unimportant.

What should be the number of keywords?

Depending on the volume of the text, it must have a different number of keys. Dependence is directly proportional. For example, in the text of the size of 2000-3000 characters, it is enough to use 2-3 key phrases.

Another tip is to look at successful competitors. If their applications by your requests are in the TOP, then the texts like search engines. Estimate the number of occurrences of a specific keyword on the competitive application page, how long the text is. In order not to sit for hours on this job, you can connect to the work of an optimizer assistant — free ASO services or purchase a keyword selection service from the services that do it. First you will find the right words for your application, and then with the tool “Competitor Analysis” you will conduct a study and get the necessary data on competitors in just a few minutes.

What should be the text with keywords?

People do not like spam text with many keywords. By the way, the search engines do not like this content. If earlier such texts ranked well, today there are completely different factors in the price, not the number of keys on the page. The number of keys in the text is determined by its “nausea.” Nausea is calculated based on the occurrence of each word in the text. “The percentage of nausea” should not exceed 3-5 percent. Typically, customers of texts for ASO, specify this parameter. A little advice: check your writing after writing.

How not to get keywords?

When there are a lot of keywords, they need to be used a large number of times – glue them together.

Example: the last query contains all the above keywords:

  • How to promote the application;
  • How to promote the application for free;
  • How to promote the application yourself;
  • How to promote the application free.

That is, there is no need to use each key phrase separately. This “nesting” provides better readability of texts.

How to use keywords?

Before you write the text, make its plan, think over the structure. Then it will be much nicer to cope with the task:

  • Try to avoid inserting keywords in places where they do not fit in the meaning;
  • Do not write paragraphs specifically to insert 1-2 keys;
  • If possible, glue, dilute the keys, it will make the work more readable, more natural to the user’s eyes;
  • Remember that people read the content, not the search robots, your texts should be organic, readable, and the keywords in them should be invisible.

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