On March 29, AdBright, a mobile advertising technology service provider focusing on the commercialization of APP advertising, and the Zhihu commercialization team, officially released the "EXACT" Advertising Potential Evaluation Model and Application Report (hereinafter referred to as the "application report").

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The model project was established in July 2020 and lasted for nearly half a year. AdBright presided over the model construction, verification, testing and other links. At the same time, nearly 30 advertising operation experts from benchmarking companies participated in the model construction, and repeated verifications to ensure the objectivity and integrity of the system. Authoritative, the quantified data has also passed the verification by the Zhihu Advertising Team.

This article is a summary of the application report:

1. The Development Process of Internet Advertising Evaluation

From GRP to iGRP, Internet advertising has gradually become the focus of digital advertising evaluation; from traditional scheduling to programmatic buying, new trading models have spawned new evaluation indicators; the quality of the Internet is uneven, and media value has become the target of evaluation; extensive development has turned to fine The user experience has become an important part of advertising evaluation; the evaluation system is quickly improved and enriched, but there are still blank areas to be placed.

2. "EXACT" Advertising Potential Evaluation Model

Data modeling thinking, AdBright establishes a brand-new advertising potential evaluation index system; the model covers five evaluation dimensions of exposure, experience, effect, creativity, and value. The advertising potential score is used as a quantitative value to adjust advertising commercialization strategies and advertisers for the media. Marketing decisions have guiding significance.

Application report of "EXACT" advertising potential evaluation model

Take Zhihu performance advertising products as an example

This section takes Zhihu performance advertising products as an example, combined with the EXACT advertising potential evaluation model, and outputs corresponding evaluation reports for three typical performance advertising spots, screen advertising, information flow advertising, and search advertising. The final results are 88.32 and 86.63, respectively. 81.46, which are located in the top 5%, top 3%, and top 10% of the same type of advertisements, and are at the leading level in the domestic effect advertising product ecology.

The future development trend of mobile advertising products

With technological innovation and industrial upgrading, the Internet media is fluid, changeable, and rapidly developing. The user’s intentions are constantly shifting at the same time, and the margins and possibilities of marketing are constantly expanded. This part starts from the principle of the model, and analyzes the current mobile advertising products from the original From design to gradual construction, there are multiple development trends.

Zhihu Commercial Product Outlook

While staying ahead in the field of performance advertising, Zhihu's commercial products are moving towards "content".

In particular, the strategic product "Zhi+" launched by Zhihu platform in 2020 is to provide enterprise users with content service solutions that are most in line with the content ecology and platform value of Zhihu. It provides a wealth of content production, content distribution, and content interaction. Tools and services. Help companies change from a single "traffic" model to a "traffic + content pool" marketing model. Through long-term user content asset operations, they can achieve sustainable business growth and at the same time make consumers trustworthy.

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