When it comes to popular mobile games during the Spring Festival, the super casual game "Master of Emerald" must be on the list. After the new version was announced on February 4, the game rose 121 places the next day, entered the Top 10 free game list, and topped the top 1 free game list for 3 consecutive days.

According to data from ASOWorld, in four days, "Master of Emerald" received a total of 84w+ downloads.

"Master of Emerald" is an ultra-casual game developed by Kunpo and distributed by Ohayoo. After the exposure, the popularity has been rising. How does this game quickly embrace the casual game market?

Novel subject matter

Among the casual simulation games, games with jade as the theme are relatively rare. "Master of Emerald" has taken this niche theme accurately, and truly simulates the process of selecting, carving, and exhibiting jadeite, and provides feedback through realistic modeling and vibration effects to give users an immersive gaming experience.

Has science attributes

In the game setting link, players can learn about the processing and polishing process of jade from the aspects of "understanding jade", "selecting rough stone" and "raw cutting", which also echoes the design concept of the game.

From the official game positioning, it is not difficult to find that "Master of Emerald" is not only a simulation game, but also a simple and easy-to-understand introduction to Emerald science. According to the official release of the game, at the beginning of the design of this game, it was designed with simple and easy-to-use operation and realistic simulation style to open the ancient and novel door of Jade for players, so that more people can understand the industry and enjoy the simulation. The joy of business.

Douyin announcement

According to the observation of ASOWorld Research Institute, the topic of "Master of Emerald" in Douyin has been broadcast one billion times so far.

The videos under the topic are mostly game promotion, that is, the user clicks on the link in the lower left corner to enter the download page. On the basis of guaranteed game quality, coupled with high-quality video content, the volume of the product has been increased.

In addition, the game did not ignore the operation of the official Douyin account. The video preheating started long before the game went live, and people in the comment area often asked about the release time.

Since January 9th, the Douyin account has maintained the daily update frequency. Up to now, its official Douyin account has been followed by nearly 12.7w fans.

Throughout the casual game market, there are endless explosions of games, and casual games are popular among players because of their simple, light, and easy-to-handle characteristics. But in fact, many casual games will face the situation of driving high and going low. Whether "Master of Emerald" will face the same situation, it will take longer to be tested by the market.

"Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition" advances to the top 5 income list

Recently, ASOWorld Data released "February Hot Game Ranking Top 30". To view the full list, please click "February Hot Game Ranking: Byte's new casual mobile game "Jade Master" becomes the biggest winner during the Spring Festival" to view .

From the perspective of downloads, the top three games are "Master of Emerald", "High heels are the most beautiful" and "Glory of the King".

In terms of income, the four games "Honor of Kings", "Peace Elite", "Fantasy Westward Journey" and "Tianya Mingyue Knife" are still in the top five; compared with last month, "Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition" has increased by 7 Ranking, ranked third in the February income list.

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