Weekly industry news from ASOWorld technology research, let’s share with you, so that application marketers can keep abreast of trends and make coping strategies:

1. Tencent took the "no smoking" action on WeChat emoticons, and the smoking emoji was offline;

On February 28, Tencent released a message on its official Weibo, saying that the new WeChat emoji quit smoking. The WeChat emoji, which used to express "leisure" with a cigarette, turned into a raised mouth and a cool smile. The Beijing Tobacco Control Association wrote to Tencent as early as September 13, 2017, hoping that it would take "no smoking" actions on emojis on WeChat and Tencent QQ, and that the emojis defined as "leisure" would be offline.

2. Douyin e-commerce company launched the first "Queen's Day" event, which lasts for 10 days;

3. Signed a settlement agreement for Facebook's privacy violation case: compensation for 1.6 million users was 650 million US dollars;

4. Mango SuperMedia: 2020 revenue is 14.002 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.01%;

5. ByteDance prepares to integrate Douyin e-commerce to Shanghai;

6. NetEase Cloud Music User Data: Over 90% of active users are post-90s and post-00s;

7. English level four and six levels are open today, and the WeChat search service platform for the United Nations domestic affairs service platform provides the search and score service;

8. TikTok agreed to pay US$92 million to settle US user data privacy lawsuits.

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