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Apple hotspot

1. App Store added "tab" quick search function

According to foreign media MacRumors, in order to facilitate user search, Apple is testing the "tag" quick search function to make search results more accurate. At present, some Apple users (App Store in the US) have seen these tags in the search results of the App Store. For example, after searching for "photos" in the search box, search tags such as "collage" and "editor" will be displayed at the top of the search result page. After clicking the label, the search results will also change, and the corresponding application will be given. It is reported that these tags are currently only visible to a small number of users, and most of the users who see the tags are running the iOS14.5 beta, but there are also a few users who claim to see the tags on iOS 14.4.2.

For developers/promoters, the emergence of search tags undoubtedly provides another important acquisition channel for search optimization: when users are searching, if they are not satisfied with the search results or have other related needs, they can Switch to view different search results by clicking on the recommended tab. If the App can occupy the top position in the search results of these tags at this time, it will undoubtedly be beneficial to the exposure and download conversion of the App.

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2. Apple reminds developers: the official version of iOS14.5 will be released soon, please be prepared for the new privacy policy.

On April 5th, Apple released a message on the developer website to remind developers to prepare for the AppTrackingTransparency framework. This reminder mainly includes three aspects:

1) In the upcoming official version of iOS/iPadOS14.5, all apps must use the AppTrackingTransparency framework to obtain the user's permission before they can track or access the advertising identifier of their device;

2) When reviewing the App, a statement must be provided in the "App Store Privacy Information" section of the product page for any other form of tracking (for example, by name or email address). And these tracking can only be carried out with permission through AppTrackingTransparency;

3) In the upcoming official version of iOS/iPadOS14.5, the system needs to include a purpose string to explain why the App needs to track users;

4) This time Apple also specially reminded developers that the collection of device and usage data for the purpose of obtaining the user's unique identification or fingerprint is still regarded as a violation of the developer program license agreement.

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3. Apple launched a new test program, "Find" function will support third-party products.

Apple officially announced that its official application "Find My" supports third-party product access, which means that users can find other products or accessories certified by Apple through systems or web versions such as iOS/iPadOS/iCloud. According to Apple, the earliest accessory companies using ‌Find My‌ integration technology include Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof, and their equipment will be available next week.

4. Apple and Epic's litigation battle begins next month.

According to reports, the antitrust dispute between Apple and game developer Epic Games will start next month. A few days ago, the two companies have separately submitted documents to the court, listing the key facts and major legal issues they believe. Last year, Apple and Epic Games were embroiled in a lawsuit battle. The reason is that Epic Games tried to use a server software update to bypass the Apple App Store’s payment system, thereby avoiding Apple’s 30% revenue share. In response, Apple removed the game "Fortnite" from its app store.

5. Apple CEO Cook talks about making cars: keen to integrate software, hardware and services, and will explore driverless driving.

6. It is reported that TSMC plans to mass-produce A15 chips at the end of May to prepare for the new iPhone in September.

7. Apple released the iOS 14.5 Beta7 beta version for the developer preview users.

Android hotspot

1. Lenovo releases the rescuer gaming phone 2 Pro, starting at 3699 yuan.

2. Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Stone Technology will build a car, the angel wheel is valued at 240 million US dollars.

3. Xiaomi launches 19 user policies, and the amount of free shipping on Xiaomi Mall is reduced to 69 yuan.

4. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's first car may be launched within 3 years.

5. HUAWEI CLOUD new personnel appointment: Xu Zhijun as chairman, Yu Chengdong as CEO.

6. Huawei released a new generation of smart screen V series, priced at 5499 yuan.

Industry hotspot

1. Alibaba was fined 18.228 billion for its monopolistic behavior; Alibaba responded: sincerely accept, resolutely obey.

2. Xianyu: An application for mini program has been submitted to WeChat.

3. Byte develops independent e-commerce apps to create a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

4. TikTok's internal test centralization portal: "Discovery" page aggregates major businesses such as music, e-commerce, live broadcast, etc.

5. New development of Musk’s brain-computer interface company: monkeys play "ping-pong" computer games with their minds.

6. Zhihu launched the "product trainee" app, betting on the commercialization of online education.

7. Hello enters the field of motorcycle production and sales, the first car is priced at 4499 yuan.

8. Promise not to use big data to "kill familiarity", 10 platforms such as and Meituan signed a letter of commitment.

9. Report: In the first quarter, the average monthly salary of “workers” in Beijing was the highest, reaching 11,187 yuan.

10. Report: In the first quarter, the domestic smart phone market showed a clear recovery trend.

On April 6, the "Mobile Phone Market Report for the First Quarter of 2021" released by Zhuan Zhuan Group showed that in the first quarter of this year, the domestic smartphone market showed a clear trend of recovery. Among them, the new phone market is dominated by the release of 5G mobile phones, "Xiaomi OV" has begun to play the "leading role"; in the second-hand market, some models such as iPhone 11 and Huawei P40 (5G) have slightly increased in price, and iPhone 12 is unexpectedly in the sales list of second-hand 5G mobile phones".

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