The ASOWorld technical team will introduce you to the app store news this week. "Qin Shi Mingyue World" has topped the top 1 game free list for 3 consecutive days, becoming the most powerful app this week.

App Store listing status

There were 14,735 apps on the shelves last week, a decrease of 433 apps compared to the previous week.

There are a total of 7,488 new apps on the shelves, of which tool apps are the largest, with 799 apps; food and beverage apps are the second with 739 apps.

Last week, the number of removed apps (including relaunch) reached 11045, a decrease of 6,769 compared to the previous week. Among them, 9,940 apps were removed, and 1,105 games were removed. App removals accounted for about 89% of the total removed apps. 

Last week, the total number of clearing apps (including those that have been restored) totaled 128, of which 111 products have been restored. There are currently 17 clearing apps, which is 2 less than the previous week.

The most powerful app of the week-"Qin Shi Mingyue World"

On March 26, "Qin Shi Mingyue World" produced by Tencent has topped the free game list for 3 consecutive days since its launch. This role-playing game is adapted from the classic Chinese comic "Qin Shi Mingyue", which was released before the launch Highly anticipated by players.

In the settings of "Qin Shi Mingyue World", not only can you experience the original animation plot, but you can also unlock stories and easter eggs other than the original, awakening players’ familiarity and giving users more exploration space.

After the official release of "Qin Shi Ming Yue World", the theme song "Daily Moon" created by "Qin Shi Music Master" Hu Yanbin was first released on QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music.

Following the launch of the theme song, "Qin Shi Mingyue World" and "National K Song" opened a cover singing contest. During the event, if you sing the classic theme song "Moonlight" or the new theme song "To the Moon", you will have a chance to win Hu Yanbin's autographed photos, mobile game peripherals and other benefits.

The dazzling performance of the "Qin Shi Mingyue World" game, in addition to the core of the game itself, "Guo Man", is also inseparable from the feelings of "Yeh Qinghui". The cross-platform linkage opens up another entrance for the game's gains.

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