According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, relevant websites and APPs can apply for evaluation to the Internet Society of China and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology after they have completed their ageing and barrier-free renovations before September 30 this year. After passing the evaluation, they will be awarded the information accessibility mark. The validity period For two years. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will give credit bonus points in the "Corporate Credit Evaluation" for those who have outstanding performance in the work of adapting to aging and barrier-free renovation, and will uniformly announce the evaluation results to the society before October 31 this year. This incentive measure also reflects the imperative of "adaptation to ageing" transformation.


For developers, when regular advertising pop-ups are not allowed in the old version of the App, advertising revenue will inevitably be restricted, but the trillion-level "silver hair market" still has other profitable ways to dig. In addition, in the long run, only by focusing on the details of "for the sake of old age" can we gain the trust of "the rich and free" "silver hairs", which is also one of the important ways to win the "silver hair market".


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