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"Driving Test Book" dominated the download list and the top 1 income list at the same time, with outstanding performance. "Learning through" has risen 9 places compared with the previous month, ranking 3rd in the download list, breaking the pattern of the top 3 downloads and revenue rankings in February.

March Online Education Download Ranking

In the top 3 download list, "Driving Test Book" and "Job Help" continued their rankings last month, occupying the first and second places respectively; the mobile learning professional platform "Study Tong" under Superstar Information rose 9 places to occupy the third place.

There were 8 new apps on the list in March, two more apps than in February. The types of apps that entered the list in February mainly focused on K12 and pre-school education. In March, they were replaced by the two categories of higher education and language learning. Among them, there are three types of higher education apps, namely "Knowledge.", "Xuexiaoyi" and "China University MOOC (MOOC)"; there are 2 language learning apps, namely "Momoback Words" and "Scallop Words English Version".

In the Top 30, although the number of K12 education apps decreased by 1 compared with February, it still occupied the Top 1 with 10 apps; higher education replaced the preschool education in February, with 6 apps on the list, similar to February Compared with an increase of 3 models.

From the perspective of App companies, the company with the most apps on the list is Yuanli Education, with 4 apps on the list, an increase of 1 compared to last month; followed by Boat Going to Sea and Baidu, with 3 and 2 apps respectively The number of entries on the list is the same as last month.

March online education income rankings

In the online education income list in March, the top three are still occupied by "Hong En Literacy", "Driving Test Treasure" and "Uncle Kai Tells Stories". Compared with last month, "Hong En Literacy" and "Driving Test Book" still occupy the top two positions, but the ranking positions are interchanged; "Uncle Kai Tells Story" still holds the third place.

There are 5 new apps on the income list in March, an increase of 1 compared to the previous month. Among them, there are two types of vocational education apps, namely the piano learning app "Simply Piano" and the vocational examination learning app "Wan Question Bank".

In the income list for March, there are two categories with the largest number of apps on the list, namely preschool education and language learning, with 7 apps on the list respectively, of which the number of preschool education apps on the list has decreased by 4 compared to the previous month , And language learning has increased by one; there are still 6 apps in the vocational training category, ranking third.

Hong En Education still has the largest number of apps on the list. A total of 4 apps have entered the list, which is one less than last month; both Liulishuo and NetEase have 2 apps on the list.

In conclusion

March coincides with the school season for college students returning to school. College students’ demand for college courses and language skills has skyrocketed. Coupled with the upcoming graduation season of internships, the demand for vocational skills learning has also increased. The download list and the income list have experienced significant increases. Variety. The classification of new apps on the list in March is mainly focused on higher education, language learning, and vocational education. From the classification of the apps on the list, the number of higher education apps in the download list is twice that of the previous month, and the income The number of language learning apps in the list has increased, which is equal to the number of preschool education apps that have strong ability to attract money for two consecutive months.

In the list of the first two months of 2021, K12 and preschool education apps maintained outstanding performance. In March, the learning demand of college students increased, making higher education, language learning and other types of apps counterattack, breaking the first two The monthly list pattern, can such a trend affect the online education list in April? let us wait and see!

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