This week’s app store hotspot summary: App Store’s new "tab" quick search function is another important entry point for App acquisition; April 5th, Apple reminded developers: iOS14.5 official version will be released soon, please do for the new privacy policy Get ready; Tencent’s MMORPG mobile game "Miracle for All 2" has topped the list for 2 days... This week (April 5, 2021-April 11, 2021) More related hot spots, App Store data changes and other information Take inventory and review it together~

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App Store News

App Store listing status

There were 13,646 apps on the shelves last week, an increase of 407 compared to the previous week.

There are a total of 7043 new apps on the shelves, of which tool apps are the largest with 821 apps; shopping apps are the second with 660 apps.

Last week, the number of removed apps (including relaunch) reached 10586, a decrease of 2,392 compared to the previous week, of which 9,666 apps were removed, 920 games were removed, and the number of apps removed accounted for about 91 of the total removed apps. %.

Last week, there were a total of 120 apps (including those restored), of which 111 products have been restored. Currently, there are 9 apps remaining, an increase of 2 compared to the previous week.

The strongest app of the week

National Miracle 2

Last week, the top 1 games on the free game list were all from Tencent. Among them, "Nationwide Miracle 2" was a new game on the list. After being changed from pre-order to online App Store status on April 9th, the game was free for 2 consecutive days. Top 1.

The game is a next-generation gorgeous magical MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) mobile game developed by Tianma Space-time, a subsidiary of Palm Fun Technology, and distributed by Tencent. Players can play the role of swordsman, magician, and archer in the game. Three different professional characters, fight against the devil, explore the wonderland, fairy forest and other fantasy scenes, and feel the immersive adventure experience brought by the game.

Unreal 4 game engine, beautiful graphics

As a role-playing game, the shape of each character in "Nationwide Miracle 2" conforms to the characteristics of the profession, and players can adjust the appearance details of the characters according to their own aesthetics.

As the first domestic marvel mobile game built with the Unreal 4 engine, this game has created a new magical world. Players can not only move on a two-dimensional plane, but also use the flight system to freely explore the game world. Even in the game, you can stop and admire the real civilization wonders in the world, such as Stonehenge, Easter Island statues, Roman Colosseum and other miraculous civilizations, and feel the blending of virtual and reality. Players can adjust the viewing angle of the game screen according to their operating habits, and the layout of the game scene and the effects of the movement of NPCs and other characters are natural, which enables players to experience the game more immersively.

Goddess endorsement, setting suspense to trigger discussion

During the booking period of "Nationwide Miracle 2", layers of suspense about the game spokesperson were laid: From March 28th to 29th, the Nationwide Miracle official Weibo posted 2 consecutive Weibo posters, which attracted a wave of fans from the back to the reflection. Follow and discuss. On March 30, the Weibo official announced that the spokesperson of the game was Angelababy Yang Ying, the goddess of the nation, and distributed game benefits. The Weibo was reposted 11.8w times and achieved a good publicity effect.

At present, the reading volume of the topic of the game on the Weibo platform has reached 170 million, and the related discussions have exceeded 400,000; in addition to the Weibo platform, on the Douyin platform, the number of views of videos related to the game "Miracle 2" has exceeded 80 million times, the game changed from pre-order to online App Store status, teacher Luo Yonghao also promoted and recommended the game.


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