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On April 1, Apple released the beta version of iOS14.5 Beta6; on April 5, Apple’s official website released a message to remind developers: The official version of iOS 14.5 is about to be released, please be prepared for the new privacy policy. After all kinds of news are released, the industry predicts that the next release will be the official version of iOS 14.5.

In the early hours of this morning, Apple unexpectedly pushed the iOS 14.5 Beta7 test version for developer preview users, only about a week after the last Beta6 update. Interested friends can download it through the Apple Developer Center, or download it through OTA after installing the appropriate configuration file on the iPhone or iPad.

It is understood that this Beta 7 version does not have large-scale functional adjustments, mainly BUG repairs and improvements, the updated version number is 18E5198a, this upgrade update package is relatively small, only 150MB.


Why is iOS 14.5 so much concerned?

One of the reasons why iOS 14.5 is considered to be the biggest update of iOS 14 so far is that it will begin to implement the IDFA privacy policy.

On January 28, Apple announced on the developer website that it will launch the transparent APP privacy tracking function in the next iOS14 Beta test versions (including iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, etc.); on February 2, Apple updated a version of "App Store Review Guidelines" and added new rules with iOS14.5 App tracking transparency requirements, failing to disclose accurate information or being removed.


This also means that after the arrival of iOS 14.5, developers will need to obtain clear permissions to access the on-device advertising identifier (IDFA) in order to achieve cross-application and website tracking of users for advertising positioning, and this will bring to the Internet advertising industry Shock. Regarding the impact of the New Privacy Policy, ASO World Research Institute will not repeat it here. You can check the "Attention! In the early spring of 2021, Apple will force the activation of App Privacy Tracking Inquiry" for more details.

Recently, Apple CEO Cook revealed in an interview with the New York Times "Sway" program that iOS 14.5 will be released this month. At the same time, there are third-party media forecasts that the official version will come next week, and the release date of the official version of iOS 14.5 is gradually approaching. Developers need to be accurate in advance.

What are the dazzling features of iOS14.5?

In iOS 14.5, in addition to the new privacy policy, what other new features are worth looking forward to?

Wear a mask to unlock iPhone

Today, when epidemic prevention and control become normal, it is still necessary to wear a mask when traveling, which makes Face ID useless. If you want to open your phone, you can only unlock it with a traditional password, which brings great inconvenience to full-screen users.

For this reason, Apple has added the function of wearing a mask to unlock the iPhone in the new version of the system. However, if users want to realize the function of wearing a mask to unlock the iPhone, they must also wear the Apple Watch.

Fix iPhone12 series green screen problem

After the release of the iPhone 12 series, many users encountered a green screen problem. The screen turned green when the phone displayed black or gray at low brightness. This problem will be fixed in iOS 14.5.

Added "Items" option in the Find app

Apple has updated the "Find" application and added an item option, which allows users to track the long-rumored AirTag and other third-party accessories.

Dual SIM 5G mode

iOS 14.5 also added a dual-SIM 5G mode to the iPhone 12 model, and both SIM cards can enjoy 5G networks.


Prior to this, the annual major version of iOS 14 has accumulated 86 days from testing to official release. At present, 65 days have passed since the first beta version of iOS 14.5. This should be the longest time to test the small version of iOS system in history.

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