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 "One Piece Hot Blood Route" became the strongest app in the app store this week.

In the game free list last week, "One Piece Hot Blood Route" changed from pre-order to App Store on April 21, dominating the list for 4 consecutive days and became the dark horse of the game last week. It has accumulated 168w downloads and is on the App Store. It has got 11w+ reviews in, and currently has a rating of 4.9, which is also remarkable in many popular games that have been launched in recent months.

"One Piece" is another name for the Japanese anime "One Piece" loved by the 80s and 90s. The manga was serialized in 1997 and premiered on Fuji TV in 1999. Although it is a boy manga, people who like it There are also adults. From this comic, the audience can experience various positive feelings such as friendship, dreams, teamwork, passion and youth.

Since its birth in 1997, "One Piece" has been with readers for 24 years, and it can be described as a legendary IP. The launch of this mobile game undoubtedly makes fans sigh "Ye Qinghui"!

"One Piece Hot Blood Route" is a brand new One Piece 3D action mobile game jointly produced by Toei Animation and licensed by Toei Animation. It restores the game scene and story to the maximum extent for fans and Players have created a 3D immersive world of One Piece.

Open the comment area of ​​the "One Piece Hot Blood Route" game. The key word for everyone's evaluation of the game is inseparable from "restore": no matter the game screen, combat effects, and game plot are very close to the animation, it has won praise from animation fans. .

Focus on delivery

Although there are big IP blessings, "One Piece Hot Blood Route" has not slackened in its launch. From the total number of ads placed on the AppGrowing platform and the number of ads placed on each platform, "Tik Tok" has been placed in nearly half of the ads. the amount.

Although there are not many advertisements, the real effect can be seen according to data such as the popularity of the topic of Douyin: At present, the video of the game with the same name has been played a total of 1.78 billion times, and the official Douyin account has 140w+ fans. The platform is a very successful attempt. At the same time, the official also invited the game anchor to live broadcast, attracting Douyin users to watch the live broadcast, download the game, and answer the problems encountered by novice players in the game.

From Douluo Dalu to Zhenhun Street, the appearance rate of IP-based games has soared in the past two months. How to balance the relationship between gamers and IP fans is a big problem for game developers.

At present, players have also put forward some suggestions on the "One Piece Hot Blood Route" in the comment area. For example, the color of the game screen is chromatic, the characters are stiff, etc., but the flaws are not hidden. It is rated 4.9 in the App Store, and it is still a success game. As IP adaptations become more mature, there will definitely be more and more high-quality IP games that are well received.

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