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Apple hotspot

1. Procter & Gamble and Chinese technology companies jointly develop new technologies to circumvent Apple’s new privacy regulations;

According to news on April 9, people familiar with the matter said that the US commodity giant Procter & Gamble has assisted in the development of a technology to collect iPhone data for targeted advertising, aimed at circumventing Apple's new privacy regulations. Currently, this technology is being tested in China. People familiar with the matter said that P&G has teamed up with dozens of Chinese trade organizations and technology companies that cooperate with the China Advertising Association to develop new technologies, using a technology called "device fingerprinting." Device fingerprint refers to the device characteristics or unique device identification that can be used to identify the device. This program called Internet Advertising Identifier (CAID) is undergoing application testing and can collect iPhone user data.

2. Apple's spring conference is scheduled for April 21, iPad may become the protagonist;

On April 14th, Apple officially announced the news: The 2021 spring conference will be held online on April 20th, local time in the United States (1am on April 21st, Beijing time). Users can watch the live broadcast on Apple's official website. /Recording.

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3. Apple pushes iOS14.5 beta8 version. For more information, please see the previous article "Apple has pushed iOS14.5 Beta8 again. The official version will be released on 4.21. See you! ";

4. Cook: Apple is proud to achieve carbon neutrality and launched a $200 million fund to invest in productive forests;

5. It is reported that TSMC plans to mass-produce A15 chips at the end of May to prepare for the new iPhone in September;

6. Apple may integrate Podcasts+ podcast subscription service in Apple One;

7. Media: Apple is developing a new Apple TV, or integrating audio and camera;

8. Research institutions expect Apple’s Mac to ship nearly 6.7 million units in the first quarter, more than double the same period last year.

Android hotspot

1. Huawei Wang Jun: Intelligent driving computing platform MDC 810 has been mass-produced;

2. Huawei will release new automotive-related products on April 20, hosted by Yu Chengdong in person;

3. Wan Biao, Chairman of Honor Terminal: The goal is not only to lead Honor back to the lost market, but to become the world's top three smartphone brands;

4. Xiaomi: MIX FOLD, the first folding screen mobile phone, went on sale, with sales exceeding 400 million in one minute;

5. Huawei AppGallery Connect has obtained SOC international certification.

Industry hotspot

1. "WeChat keyboard" starts small-scale internal testing

It is reported that WeChat has started the internal test of "WeChat Keyboard", and users who have obtained the qualification of the internal test can check and open it in the "Me-Settings-Plugin" center. Judging from the experience of the netizen, the WeChat keyboard is the same as the traditional virtual keyboard, and it needs to be turned on in the input method management of the mobile phone before it can be used.

2. The music app induces users to repeat consumption behaviors and was named by Xinhua News Agency;

In the digital age, people have gradually become accustomed to spending money to purchase copyrights of works of art. But there is a peculiar phenomenon in the field of digital music: the same user repeatedly spends money to buy the same work, and the repetition frequency ranges from dozens to hundreds of thousands of times. That is to say, if you spend 2 yuan, you can buy and listen to one song. In terms of songs, some consumers spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a song. It is reported that, on the one hand, "fans" irrational consumption is behind it. On the other hand, music apps are also fanning the flames and inducing repeated consumption.

3. Baidu will launch the "Millions of Anchor" plan: increase the number of live broadcasts;

4. WeChat: 4387 illegal accounts have been processed since March 2021;

Recently, the WeChat Security Center released today an announcement on the handling of pornographic and contraband information on WeChat personal accounts. According to the announcement, from March 2021 to the present, the platform has counted 3,422 live broadcasts of the aforementioned behaviors, 1,639 illegal video numbers, and 4387 illegal personal accounts. The announcement stated that WeChat has been committed to creating a safe, healthy and green platform ecological environment, and we will resolutely crack down on violations of laws and regulations and continue to manage them.

5. Pinduoduo "Duodu Reading Month" set up a 50 million yuan reading fund;

A few days ago, Pinduoduo "Duoduuo Reading Month" announced the launch of a 50 million yuan reading fund, and dozens of publishing houses and book companies have jointly provided special subsidies for Chinese and foreign classics and best-selling books. According to the official introduction, from now on, thousands of genuine good books such as "Historical Records", "Wanli Fifteen Years", "Country China", "Social Contract Theory", "A Brief History of Chinese Philosophy" and "Flying Bird Collection" are officially launched on the 10 billion subsidy channel. At the same time, Pinduoduo, together with the Shanghai Library Industry Association and the Shanghai Book Publishing Industry Association, became the first ten sponsors of the Shanghai National Reading Alliance.

6. It is reported that Douyin aims to reach 680 million daily active users this year, and the e-commerce scale to reach 500-600 billion yuan;

7. Instagram apologizes for recommending "fasting": harmful words have been deleted.

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