In half of May, the ASOWorld data team summarized the app store’s hot searches and changes in ranking rules in April, so that application promoters can adjust their follow-up promotion plans.

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App Market Data Summary for April-App Store Top Searches and App Ranking Rules Changes

1. The number of apps added/removed from the App Store

In April 2021, a total of 38,676 products were launched on the App Store, a decrease compared to the previous month; the number of products removed from the shelves in April decreased slightly compared with the previous two months, totaling 69,877.

The top 6 categories for the number of new apps are: games, tools, food and drinks, business, life, and shopping; among the products removed, business, tools, and education apps have the largest number of removals, with 8,218 and 7,745 respectively , 6290 models.

2. Monthly statistics of the audit cycle in April

App Store review duration in April was basically the same as in March, with an average review duration of 11.33h and an average workday review duration of 10.82h.

3. Monthly ranking of rejected clauses in March and April

In April, the number of apps rejected due to Clause 2.1 (App completeness) was still the most, accounting for 29.59%; Clause 2.3 (Accurate Metadata) and Clause 5.1.2 (Data Use and Sharing) followed in number, with the respective proportions being 24.49% and 15.40%; Clause 1.1 (objectionable content) ranked fourth, accounting for 9.18%. In addition, clause 3.1.1 (in-app purchase items) and clause 2.5 (software requirements) are also the two categories that have been rejected more frequently.

4. Headline/subheadline statistics reviewed in April

Among the sample titles that were reviewed in April, the main title had the largest number of titles in the 1-5 character interval, with a total of 17,308, followed by the titles with a 6-10 character interval, with a total of 10,484; in the subtitles, the character interval was mainly concentrated In the 6-10 and 11-15 intervals, there are 9558 and 7488 respectively.

In the frequency of over-reviewed titles, the keyword "platform" still appears frequently, with a frequency of 3,133, accounting for 5.49%. Secondly, "games", "management", "app", "software", "video", "assistant", "life", "service", and "learning" are used more frequently. of.

5. The change trend of keyword ranking optimization compliance rate in May and April

In April, the average compliance rate of keyword ranking optimization was 90.63%, which was a slight increase compared with the average compliance rate of 89.55% in March. The lowest rate of compliance on April 25 was 82%, and the highest rate of compliance on April 9 was 95%.

6. Analysis of App Store Hot Search List in June and April

There were 3680 products on the hot search list in April, which was a decrease of nearly 24% compared to the 4848 products in March. Judging from the types of products on the App Store hot search list, all of them are still game apps.

The keyword search indexes that have been on the hot search list in April are mainly distributed between 7000-7999, accounting for 40.95%, followed by keywords with a search index ≥8000, accounting for 39.01%.

7. Analysis of App Store Recommended Products in July and April

Among the recommended products on the App Store in April, there were a total of 212 applications and a total of 229 games, and the two accounted for almost equal proportions.

In terms of the number of times the product was recommended, the top 1 of the cumulative recommended times in April was "Cut Screen", which replaced the continuous dominance of "Happy Xiao Xiao Le®". "Cut Screen" was recommended 15 times in April.

Judging from the top 10 types of recommended products, the situation where the top ten products are all games has been broken. "Cut Ying" and "Facetune 2" have entered the Top 10 as photography and video applications.

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