Apple’s lawsuit against Epic Games has opened a lot of inside stories; the new casual game "Pokémon Adventure" has dominated the top 1 list for 5 consecutive days.

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App Store News Hotspot: Fangtou Fangnao Pokémon "come into" the game list

The strongest app of the week-Pokémon Adventure

In the free game list last week, the new casual game "Pokémon Adventure" changed from pre-order to App Store on May 11, and dominated the free game list for 5 consecutive days.

"Pokémon Adventure" is a Nintendo Switch and mobile platform game published by Pokémon Company (The Pokémon Company). At present, the national version of "Pokémon Adventure" is jointly developed by NetEase, The Pokémon Company, and GAME FREAK inc.. NetEase has released the first genuine Pokémon IP in the country for leisure development mobile games.

"Fangtou and Fangnao" game style

In the mobile game, the classic image of Pokémon has been innovatively changed: the square-headed and square-brained Pokémon is more magical, cute and stupid than the previous round image, giving players more brain space.

In terms of game character and scene construction, "Pokémon Adventure" and another popular game "Minecraft" published by NetEase agents are very similar in style. It can be seen that the two games do have a "dream linkage" cooperation.

In addition, players can also create their own unique game image by pinching their faces, changing skin color, face, clothing, etc. in the game.

"Can Liver and Krypton" Game Mechanism

Putting aside the cute Pokémon, the color scheme and gameplay of the game are also worth mentioning. Pokémon can automatically find other Pokémon to fight, and complete tasks to get battle rewards. The cute style and low-saturation large green scenes are relaxing.

At present, in the game, you can get gift vouchers to purchase items to speed up the game process. At the same time, the game officially gave many permissions and benefits at the beginning of the game. Even if you don't pay for it, you can experience the joy of the game.

Recommend + promote double-sided acquisition

Since May 14th, "Pokémon Adventure" has been in the "Main Recommendation" position in the App Store and has been recommended for 3 consecutive days+. The super cute Pokémon "Photo" and Pokémon IP blessing are eye-catching and eye-catching. .

According to App Growing data, the game has placed 309 ads on Douyin Short Video, Today's Toutiao, Watermelon Video, Baidu Tieba and other platforms. Currently, the number of videos played on the Douyin platform Pokémon Adventure has exceeded 4500w.

According to the background statistics of ASOWorld data, the number of downloads of the game on May 13 and May 14 was relatively high. Looking at the trend graph of the number of advertisements placed, the effect of the placement is evident.

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