Recently, ASO World data released a ranking of popular applications in April, including application download lists and application revenue lists.


In April’s popular app download list, "Pinduoduo" aspired with an estimated download of 890w+; "WeChat" dropped one ranking compared to last month and ranked Top2 on the App Store free list; editing app "Cut Ying" "Up 4 places to rank third.

From the perspective of developers, the "Alibaba" and "Tencent" applications have a leading edge, with 5 applications on the list respectively. Among them, the "Alibaba" category is mostly shopping applications, while the "Tencent" category is mainly focused on social applications. Among the types of apps on the list, photography and video have the largest number of apps, each with 7 on the list; shopping apps are the second, with 5 on the list.


In the popular application revenue list, the rankings of the top five applications remained unchanged compared with March, namely "Tik Tok", "Tencent Video", "iqiyi", "QQ Music" and "Youku". Among them, "Tik Tok" continues to lead the revenue list with an estimated revenue of 5700w+.

In the popular app revenue list for April, there are 2 new game apps, namely "Huya Live" and "Love Chat". Judging from the types of applications on the list, most of them are entertainment and social applications, of which a total of 8 entertainment applications are on the list, and a total of 7 social applications are on the list.

In terms of application vendors, Tencent's applications are still the only one and continue to lead the application revenue rankings, with a total of 8 applications on the list.

In the application download list, photography and video applications have the largest number, accounting for 23%. Among them, "ToonMe" and "Awake Pictures" are gaining momentum as new applications on the list. The top 5 apps by revenue in April still maintained the pattern of the previous two months, and the gold-absorbing capabilities of the five apps "Tik Tok", "QQ Music" and "Aiteng" have not yet been shaken by other apps.

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