On May 20th, Apple’s developer website released a new message about the update of App Store Connect grading settings: the previously merged "gambling and competition" was split into "gambling" and "competition". , Developers can choose corresponding descriptions according to their needs.

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apps with this type of content will usher in more potential users.

Previously, when editing the age rating in the iTC background, even if the game-related apps did not contain gambling content, you could only select the option "gambling and competition". After selecting, the age rating of the app would become 17+ years old, that is, for 17+ years old. The above users are open; now after the split, the competition apps are not bound to "gambling", and the age rating can be 12+ years old or 4+ years old, that is, it can be opened to children 12+ years old or even 4+ years old, and it will increase invisibly The range of potential users is increased.


What is the age rating.

Age rating is required information when the App is uploaded to the App Store. The main purpose is actually to help parents judge whether the content of the App can be used by children.


The current age ratings are: 4+, 9+, 12+, and 17+. Different levels represent the availability of different age groups. For example, 9+ indicates that the app may contain content that is not suitable for 9-year-old children. People over 9 years old can use it with confidence.


App’s common ratings are 4+ and 17+: 4+ means content is safe and can be used by children (if you select the child category, children can use it by default); 17+ years old start at 18 by default, generally select "Unlimited content The age rating for "Interview", "Gambling and Contest" will be 17+ years old.


Gambling and competition "separation" early signs.

On April 14, some developers received an email from Apple reminding them that starting in May, "gambling" and "competition" will be split into two.


At that time, the "competition and gambling" of the ITC backstage had not yet been split. If the content of the previous items is not included, but the content of "gambling and gambling" is included, the age rating will be 17+.


App containing contest content ushered in "spring".

Nowadays, in the backstage of ITC, "gambling and competition" is divided into two categories: "gambling" and "competition". Developers can choose according to the actual situation.


After clicking Next, the following page will be presented for everyone to continue making choices.


In the case where "None" is selected for all the above options of "Contest", we tested the different fillings and results of "Contest" and "Whether the App contains unrestricted web access" and "Whether the App contains gambling content" options :

Previously, competition-related apps that did not have gambling content could only choose "gambling and competition", and the "forced" rating was 17+. Now that the "competition" can be selected separately, the app can be opened to children aged 12+ or even 4+. .

In fact, it is obvious through the test that after the separation of "gambling and competition", the user groups of those apps that do not contain gambling content but contain competition content have expanded a lot. For example, children’s apps that contain rankings and other functions will Have the opportunity to be seen and used by more users.



The news released by Apple reminds developers that if apps that previously selected "Yes" for "Gambling and Contest", after the split of "Gambling" and "Contest", it will be displayed by default containing gambling content and "Frequent/Strong" "Competition content, which means that the age classification result is still 17+ years old. It is recommended that developers/promoters who do not contain gambling content in the App but contain contest content should log in to the App Store Connect backend as soon as possible to modify the "App Information" section, update the age rating, and seize this opportunity to gain more users.

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