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April Game Monthly: ``World Awakening'' advances to the top 5 in revenue

According to ASO World data, the mobile game "Komori Life" broke through in April and became the most potential mobile game in the application market.

April Dark Horse Mobile Games: Komori Life

In April, a casual mobile game "Xiaomori Life" from Tencent captured our attention. The game was changed from scheduled to online on March 31. It was recommended by Apple Today on the first day of launch and rushed to the game. Free list Top1 throne, and then dominate the list for 5 consecutive days.

In addition to relying on Tencent's strong publicity capabilities, what is the magic of "Xiaomori Life" as a casual mobile game?

The painting style of the healing system makes players feel intimacy.

"Komori Life" has created an idyllic and idyllic rural world. Players can find their own "little luck" in the soothing and smart folk music. The game producer said in the introduction, "It is a matter of the city to urge you to move forward, and Komori is responsible for making you live slowly."

The most eye-catching part of "Komori Life" is that it uses an art style similar to that of the well-known Japanese animation studio Ghibli. After the preparation of many classic Ghibli movies such as "The Wind" and "My Neighbor Totoro", this art style has been deeply tied to the healing system, making "Komori Life" highly recognizable, and players can naturally Have an affinity for the game.

A variety of gameplay blends, striving for balance.

"Komori Life" incorporates a variety of gameplays such as nutrition, role-playing, free exploration, and social interaction, and strives to strike a balance in these gameplays.

For example, in terms of rich social gameplay, in "Komori Life", players can visit friends, invite and share celebrations, participate in cooking contests, have dinner with friends, etc., but the game does not make social interaction a rigid indicator and burden. , Give users independent choice and free experience. In the process of self-sufficiency in farming, harvesting, cooking, and house construction, "Komori Life" brings simple and pure life pleasure, allowing players to realize a free "pastoral slow life" experience.

Some time ago, casual games such as "Travel Frog" and "Animal Forest Friends Club" quickly became popular, showing us the ability to break the circle of healing themes. Nowadays, "Komori Life", which focuses on slow-paced games, is once again out of the circle, once again stimulating the potential of the healing-type casual game market.

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