At 3 o'clock in the morning today, an AI face-changing software called "faceapp" ranked top 1 in the App Store free list, and its dominance continued until the time of publication. It was also recently topped after "Avatarify" and "ToonMe" The third AI face-changing software.

This time, how did "faceapp" quickly rank top 1 on the App Store free list? What are the similarities and differences with the previous two face-changing software in terms of gains? In this article, Qimai Research Institute will take you to find out.


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Similarities: acquisition method + differentiated highlights.

In recent years, the "face value economy" has become a trend, and various consumer products related to face value have sprung up. App developers are also beginning to share this big cake. The number of apps that focus on beauty, photo retouching, face changing and other functions is endless. If you want to quickly occupy the market, it is extremely important to identify the highlights of differentiation and use the traffic of the promotion platform. .

① Identify the highlights of differentiation.


In the past, there was "Avatarify" that went out of the circle because of "Ant Hey"; later, there was "ToonMe" that became popular because of the "Disney Princess on the Run". Different from the previous two face change softwares, which focus on magic and the positioning of the second dimension, "faceapp" cuts the contemporary imagination of time machine. With this software, you can experience from a child to an old man, and take you back to your childhood in one second. The wonderful process of "getting old" and "tendering" swept the entire Douyin.

It is not difficult to find that the three face-changing software in the recent big fire have all identified their own differentiating highlights, and realized the functions that other face-changing apps have not implemented, thus attracting users to download.


②Use content platforms such as Douyin to get out of the circle.


"Faceapp" is similar to the previous two popular face-changing apps in that they have been quickly acquired through the Douyin platform. Up to now, the cumulative playback volume under the topic #faceapp# has been 6900w+.

In addition to the short video platform, Qimai Research Institute found that there are also a large number of spontaneously uploaded pictures and texts in Xiaohongshu. The acquisition path is very similar to "ToonMe". You can click "Following "Ant Hey", Douyin This "Disney Princess" special effects App is brought on fire again! "To learn more about the acquisition of "ToonMe" in this article.


The difference: aim at the head App, take advantage of the momentum.

After tracing back to the source, we also found another acquisition password for "faceapp"-aiming at the head App, and starting with the momentum.


According to observations, the function and name of this App are very similar to the "FaceApp" from Russia.

Coincidentally, "FaceApp" was removed from the App Store China on March 23, 2021, and the non-genuine App "faceapp" from China was re-released on April 3, 2021. The updated icon and App names are identical to "FaceApp".

After this operation, the "faceapp" just caught the release period of the genuine app (at this time, the popularity of the genuine app in Douyin only increased), so that it took advantage of the opportunity to gain volume.

In fact, this kind of "fake the real" gameplay is no stranger. Earlier, "Xiaohongshu" was removed due to some problems. During the removal, a large number of apps with names such as "Xiaohongshucheng", "Xiaohong Planting Grass", and "Xiaohong Yanxuan" appeared in the App Store. The machine came to rub the heat of "Little Red Book", and the icons of these App also turned into a watery red, which made people silly and unclear for a while;

In the heyday of the hard-to-find "Clubhouse", a large number of developers developed similar voice social apps overnight, and set metadata such as icons and names to be very similar to the genuine apps, and then quickly went online on the App Store to try to gain a foothold in the domestic market. Get a piece of the pie.



Recently, there have been three face-changing softwares that have exploded in succession, and we seem to be able to glimpse some of the obtained passwords: first, identify the differentiated highlights that meet the needs of users; second, use the communication capabilities of content platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu. flow. In addition, the "faceapp" method of "fake the real" is also one of the ways to gain money.


In the short term, by changing the names of icons and apps, downloads can increase sharply within a period of time; but in the long term, such methods of rubbing hot spots may bring hidden dangers of infringement. In addition, due to the timeliness of hotspots, it is impossible to retain users only by blindly copying and plagiarizing without paying attention to functions and user experience.

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