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Game rankings in April: ByteDance’s new work is eye-catching, and "Original God" is greatly discounted

The April game list is freshly released. Let's take a look at the changes in the App Store game market in China in April, and what surprise games have appeared?

Top 30 popular game downloads in April

Judging from the Top30 game download list, the highly competitive April game market was full of surprises and reason. The surprise here refers to 8 new games that have successfully squeezed into the Top 30, among which there are new games that "unexpectedly" squeezed out "Peace Elite" to seize the high position of Top2.

It is reasonable to say that "King of Glory" still tops the list with 2.5468 million downloads, and no one can shake it. Among the new games on the list, most of the new games are from Dachang, including Tencent's "Legend of Aoqi", "Walnut Diary", "Miracle of the People 2", produced by ByteDance "One Piece Passionate Blood Route" and "The Fantasy Adventure of Canterbury Princess and the Knight Wake up the Sword of Champion" promoted by Station B across the network. Among them, "One Piece Hot Blood Route" jointly produced by ByteDance's Chaoxi Guangnian and China Mobile Games is the new game that successfully squeezed out "Peace Elite" to seize the top 2 positions.

According to the data of Master Cicada, in the April game download list, the average daily download of "Honor of Kings" in the past 30 days was 88,600 times/day, and the peak download in April was 191,000 on April 9th. Times.

The average daily download of "One Piece Hot Blood Route" in the recent 30 days was 154,000 times/day, and the peak of downloads in April was 264,000 times on April 24. Although the daily average and peak downloads of the game have surpassed "Honor of Kings", because the game was launched late (April 22) and the data has begun to show a downward trend, we can boldly predict "One Piece" "Hot Blood Route" can't shake "King of Glory".

Another newly-listed Tencent game "Legend of Aoqi" has an average daily download volume of 55,000 times/day in the past 30 days. The download peak in April was 244,100 times on the first day of the game’s launch on April 14. Like most new tours, there is a clear downward trend.

In addition, new games on the list in April include Guofeng Xiuxian’s mobile game "Cloud Questions", the Q version of the cartoon-style strategy management game "My Hotel", and the hand-drawn-style healing casual mobile game "Meet Your Cat".

Judging from the estimated downloads of these newly-listed games, they basically show a trend of driving higher and lowering lower, with a significant decline. The editor speculates that this may be related to the current mobile game environment: at this stage, whenever there are major domestic manufacturers launching new games, they will generally do their best to warm up the game, including game reservations, online purchase announcements, and Apple recommendations. Wait. However, after the game was officially launched, external promotion efforts were reduced, and new game users tended to be saturated, resulting in a significant decline in download data.

Top 30 popular games revenue in April

The overall revenue list of popular games in April has not changed much. Generally speaking, it is still firmly controlled by major game manufacturers, and there are no grassroots games and developers.

Among them, "Glory of the King" ($170 million in revenue in April) and "Peace Elite" ($66.687 million in revenue in April) are still untouched, ranking the top two on the list, but the two "money machines" under Tencent are relative There was a decline last month.

In the Top30 revenue list in April, only 2 new games appeared on the list. The first is Tencent's "Full Name Miracle 2", which ranks in the Top 15 with a revenue of US$7.4213 million.

It is understood that "Nationwide Miracle 2" is a new game developed by Palm Fun Technology and distributed by Tencent Games as an agent. The game announced a strong lineup, not only invited the national goddess Angelababy as the endorsement of the game, but also invited many head anchors such as Luo Yonghao and Zhou Shuyi to promote the game. After going live, Luo Yonghao strongly recommended it in his Douyin live broadcast room, and other top anchors also promoted in their respective channels.

With the help of the user appeal of these celebrities in different fields, not only the volume of product announcements has been expanded, but also three-dimensional marketing has been formed in different channels of the whole network, successfully covering "Miracle for All 2" to the multi-user circle, creating The atmosphere of "Miracle for All". According to Master Cicada’s “revenue estimate” function, the average daily income of "Miracle 2" in the past 30 days is 304,000 US dollars, which is quite impressive as a new game.

Another new game on the list is ByteDance’s "One Piece Hot Blood Route". Although it was launched late, it was successfully squeezed by attracting $5.0562 million in the limited time after the game was launched on April 22. Enter the Top 22 list.

The earliest pre-ordered version of the product can be traced back to January 22, 2021. After nearly three months of publicity, it was officially launched on April 22. For this game, we won't mention the powerful propaganda ability of Toutiao for the time being. From the nature of the game, the most noteworthy thing about this game is the restoration of the original comic. The classic moves of popular characters can be perfectly restored in the game, such as Luffy's "Machine Gun", Sanji's "Devil Wind Foot" and other signature moves. For the fighting scenes that often appear in the original comics, the game has also developed the PVP mode accordingly. In the PVP mode, the fighting scenes in the game can basically be restored.

According to Master Cicada’s “revenue estimate” function, the average daily income of "One Piece Hot Blood Route" in the past 30 days is 807,000 US dollars, which is quite impressive.

In the April income list, Mihayou’s "Yuan Shen" performed unsatisfactorily. Although it ranked Top 8 on the list with the amount of 12.462,700 US dollars in April, compared with the impressive results of 28,562,900 in March, Revenue fell more than 56% in April.

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