The booking monitoring of ASOWorld data shows that in May, 107 iOS game products were launched on the App Store through subscription transfer, including the "Pokémon Adventure" from NetEase, the "Relics of God of War" from Perfect World, and so on.

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"World Awakening" advances to the top 5 in revenue.

Recently, ASOWorld data released the "April Popular Games Ranking List". You can click on the original text to view the full list.

From the perspective of downloads, the top three games are "Glory of the King", "One Piece Hot Blood Route" and "Komori Life".

The revenue list of popular games in April has not changed much compared with the previous month. They are "Glory of the King", "Peace Elite", "Fantasy Westward Journey", "Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition" and "Awakening of Nations". Among them, "World Awakening" rose by 2 places in a single month to advance to the top 5 in revenue.

5.18, ADmobile teamed up with Qimai and Kuaishou Developer Conference, a big hit!

At present, the user growth rate of major platforms is nearing the end, and even WeChat has seen negative monthly growth, but this phenomenon has also forced the giants to start digging deeply into the value of traffic distribution and user value. But in a strong competitive environment, how can you stand out and be innovative?

This is not a difficult point. The most frightening thing is that when you have a creative idea but have no threshold, soon competitors will imitate it. At this time, the homogeneity of the product will be serious! What should I do then? How to break this situation?

Many developers believe that the difficulties of "negative growth" and "homogenized competition" are resolved, and the number of users will naturally increase, and revenue will not be a problem. However, the actual situation is that the product monetization model is single, the development of users is insufficient, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's policy on "privacy" and "aging" has made the road to traffic monetization increasingly difficult, especially for advertising monetization.

Therefore, as of May, everything is flourishing, and the ADmobile programmatic advertising SAAS service platform will once again set sail into Shanghai, China on May 18, 2021. This conference gathered experts from application stores, ASOs, traffic observation platforms, Internet advertising, etc., to focus on the theme of "renewing, promoting, and monetizing" to conduct salon exchanges, analyze the incremental breakthroughs around the industry trend, and interpret smart marketing for you. New gameplay and new opportunities for traffic monetization to achieve common growth and create profitability.

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