At 1 am on April 27, 2021, the official version of iOS 14.5, which has previously launched 9 beta versions (including the RC version), is finally online! ! In addition to the Apple Watch that can unlock the iPhone, support AirTag, dual SIM5G and other functions, the update of the official version of iOS14.5 is the most concerned about the publicly launched transparent App privacy tracking function.

ASOWorld has tested the changes after the official version of iOS 14.5 and the newly released transparent App privacy tracking function. This article will keep up with you the latest changes.

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Two changes will appear on the iPhone interface

The arrival of iOS14.5 has pushed the protection of personal privacy to a new level. Apple officially explained: App tracking transparency allows users to control which apps can track their own activities in other companies’ apps and websites to provide advertisements or share with Data agency.

In fact, this argument is not unreasonable. Under iOS 14.5, the App needs to obtain the user's IDFA through the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework. And when obtaining the user’s IDFA and tracking user behavior, the user’s permission needs to be obtained first, which is equivalent to returning the right to use personal data to the user. After the transparent App privacy tracking function is officially launched, the iPhone interface will also have two changes:

1. Each App has a separate IDFA permission switch.

Previously, users only need to authorize once, and the entire iOS device can obtain IDFA authorization to track user behavior, and IDFA authorization will be turned on by default. After upgrading to iOS14.5, IDFA has a separate switch for each App except for the system switch.

2. To obtain IDFA, you need to use a pop-up window to obtain user consent.

After iOS 14.5, if the App needs to access the user's IDFA, it must ask for the user's permission through a pop-up window to obtain the user's IDFA.

iOS14.5 privacy tracking function has a major bug.

Today, ASOWorld found during testing that after upgrading to iOS14.5, some mobile phones’ App privacy tracking function is abnormal: [Settings]-[Privacy]-[Tracking] The IDFA option on the page will be grayed out and cannot be opened. .

At present, this phenomenon has also been confirmed by some users. According to analysts' speculation, this phenomenon is likely to be a bug in the Apple system, which may be related to Apple ID. For example, the owner is under 18 years of age, or the previous mobile version of the system has disabled personalized advertising options. However, some users reported that they are over 18 years old, and the button on the [Tracking] page is also gray after the upgrade.


ASOWorld has tested and found that after the mobile phone is upgraded to iOS14.5, if the above bug appears, you can try to solve it in the following ways:

Method 1: Log out of the current App Store account and turn on the options on the [Settings]-[Privacy] page, so that the buttons on the [Tracking] page will become operable.

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Open the App Store, click on the [avatar] in the upper right corner, slide the page to the bottom, and click [Logout] to log out of the current App Store account;

2. Open [Settings]-[Privacy]-[Apple Advertising]-[View Advertising Targeting Information] at the bottom and click the [Finish] button on the page after opening;

3. Open [Settings]-[Privacy]-[Tracking] to enable the switch of "Allow APP Request Tracking".

It should be noted that another abnormal phenomenon will occur under this operation: After the button on the [Tracking] page becomes operable, open "Meituan Takeaway", "Xiaohongshu", "Tencent Video", For apps such as "King of Glory" and "Microsoft Edge", the buttons on the [Tracking] page will be grayed out.

Method 2: Switch the Apple ID in China to the Apple ID in the United States or other regions. After switching, the buttons on the [Tracking] page will be restored to an operable state. At this time, if you switch back to the original Apple ID in China, the buttons on the [Tracking] page are still operable.

Special reminder, under this kind of operation, if the button on the [Tracking] page is turned into operable state by switching accounts, then open "Meituan Takeaway", "Little Red Book", "Tencent Video", "King of Glory" "", "Microsoft Edge" and other apps, the buttons on the [Tracking] page can still be operated, but after restarting the phone and opening the above apps, the buttons will be grayed out and inoperable.

The above two solutions are for everyone to choose from. Interested friends can try. If you have other ways, welcome to communicate in the comment area~


Up to now, many users have reported that they have encountered this phenomenon. If this phenomenon continues, it will have a great impact on the user IDFA authorization. If a large number of apps cannot obtain IDFA, it will also affect the promotion industry and even lead to the recent budget reduction of advertisers

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