According to the April data of the ASO World inventory of the application market, the privacy tracking function of iOS 14.5 has a major bug, and the application "Cut Ying" has been recommended 15 times by the App Store.

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Application market news spotlight in April

1. Snap tried to bypass the new iPhone privacy regulations, or caused dissatisfaction with Apple.

On April 2, a number of people familiar with the matter said that Snap, the parent company of the photo-sharing app "Snapchat", is considering how to bypass the iPhone’s new privacy regulations, a move that may cause dissatisfaction with Apple. In the coming weeks, Apple is expected to introduce new privacy rules that prohibit apps from collecting data from iPhone users without their explicit consent.

2. Apple reminds developers: the official version of iOS14.5 will be released soon, please be prepared for the new privacy policy.

On April 5, Apple posted a message on the developer website to remind developers to prepare for the AppTrackingTransparency framework. This time Apple also specifically reminded developers that the collection of device and usage data for the purpose of obtaining the user's unique identification or fingerprint is still considered a violation of the developer program license agreement.

You can click on the article "Apple reminds developers: the official version of iOS 14.5 will be released soon, please prepare for the new privacy policy" for more details.


3. Apple launched a new test program, the "find" function will support third-party products.

Apple officially announced that its official application "Find My" supports third-party product access, which means that users can find other products or accessories certified by Apple through systems or web versions such as iOS/iPadOS/iCloud. According to Apple, the earliest accessory companies using ‌Find My‌ integration technology include Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof, and their equipment will be available next week.

4. Procter & Gamble and Chinese technology companies jointly develop new technologies to circumvent Apple’s new privacy regulations.

On April 9th, the US daily necessities giant Procter & Gamble has assisted in the development of a technology to collect iPhone data for targeted advertising, aimed at circumventing Apple’s new privacy regulations. Currently, this technology is being tested in China. People familiar with the matter said that P&G has teamed up with dozens of Chinese trade organizations and technology companies that cooperate with the China Advertising Association to develop new technologies, using a technology called "device fingerprinting." Device fingerprint refers to the device characteristics or unique device identification that can be used to identify the device. This program called Internet Advertising Identifier (CAID) is undergoing application testing and can collect iPhone user data.

5. The official version of iOS 14.5 will be released at 1:00 AM on April 27.

The update time of Apple iOS 14.5 has been determined, and it will be pushed to iPhone devices around the world from April 26th, US time. The update time for Chinese users will be 1 am on April 27th, Beijing time. Click "iOS 14.5 is finally here!" One article of "knowledge points" worth paying attention to! "In this article, you can learn more about iOS 14.5.

6. Apple held a spring conference at 1 a.m. on April 21, Beijing time.

At 1:00 AM on April 21, Beijing time, Apple Technology Spring Festival Gala arrived as scheduled with the slogan "Full Spring". During the one-hour press conference, a total of 5 hardware products appeared on the scene and two services were updated. The previously predicted AirPods 3 and Apple Pencil 3 did not appear. Click "Surprise more than purple iPhone12, colorful iMac! There is also the article "Four Tips for Developers/Promoters Must See | Apple Spring Conference" to learn more about Apple's conference.

7, iOS14.5 privacy tracking function now has a major bug.

It was reported on April 27 that after some phones were upgraded to iOS 14.5, the App privacy tracking function was abnormal: the IDFA option on the [Settings]-[Privacy]-[Tracking] page will be grayed out and cannot be turned on. Click "iOS14.5 privacy tracking function now has a major bug! The IDFA option is grayed out and cannot be opened (with solution)" for more details.

8. Apple officially launched the "search suggestion" function in the App Store.

On April 29th, Apple officially launched the "Search Suggestions" function in the App Store. This feature will allow users to discover applications through tags actively pushed by the system. It is currently available on the App Store in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, and will gradually expand to App Stores in more countries/regions. Click "App Store major features are online! Are you ready for this wave of traffic dividends? "Article for more details.

9. Apple: Updates on in-app purchases for online team activity services.

On April 22, 2021, Apple’s developer website announced that it would postpone the requirement that “Apps must use in-app purchases for payment when providing online group activity services that require payment” to December 31, 2021. Click on the article "Apple's guidelines have been postponed again, and developers in the fields of online education can continue to save money" for more details.

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