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"Soul", which focuses on "Ear Social", stood out in the mainstream market of "Image Social" and became a clear stream of social software at that time;

A few months ago, the real-time audio social software "Clubhouse" that can create chat rooms has won the favor of big names in various industries. The invitation code is "difficult to find", and it has successfully attracted the attention of the world and has become a special kind of "social society". business card"……

At present, people’s demand for online social networking is increasing day by day. Anything that captures the user’s preference may become an opportunity for social apps to leave the circle. However, behind the high user stickiness of social apps, there are still many challenges...

Social scale user group reaches 920 million

According to data from third-party platforms, since 2016, the scale of China's mobile social users has been increasing year by year. In 2020, the scale of China Mobile's social social users exceeded 900 million, reaching 920 million, an increase of 7.1% over 2019; on April 18, the Weibo topic #Over 200 million people in China are single# rushed to the hot search, acquaintances and strangers socialized The demand is constantly increasing.

At the same time, short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou are also deploying "circle" and "same city" functions to accelerate the pace of socialization. At the moment when many companies are entering the market, large-scale social apps still have endless potential.


The social circuit is still fierce

According to statistics from ASO World, in the past three years, the total number of social products in the App Store has decreased, while the number of new shelves has continued to increase. From the comparison of the total volume and the new data, it can be seen that the competition for social products is still fierce. New products are constantly being launched, and gains become a problem.

The first appearance of the scale of the head App pattern

When it comes to social circuits, Tencent's apps such as "QQ", "WeChat" and "Tantan", "Momo" and "Soul" have firmly ranked first in the echelon. So, for those niche and cutting-edge apps, how to highlight the encirclement and occupy the market has become an urgent problem to be solved.

Social apps become existing limitations

Although social apps have the characteristics of high user stickiness, they still have limitations in commercial monetization. How to seize the opportunity space of social apps and do a good job of monetization still needs to explore effective monetization and app acquisition methods to form a commercial model.

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