The ASO World technical team summarized and updated last week's application market ASO-related hot information and rules and algorithm changes as follows to facilitate application store promoters to understand and adjust related optimization strategies in time.

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application market ASO related news and app store algorithm

Keyword update algorithm

Last week, the daily keyword update nodes were concentrated at 0, 4, 5, 10, and 23:00. Among them, the time points with a large number of updates were 5, 10, and 23:00.

Keyword coverage has no large fluctuations, sustainable and stable optimization.

App store Charts algorithm changes

App Store Charts Update

ASO World team monitored that last week (May 24, 2021-May 30, 2021) the App Store free list generally maintained the frequency of updating the list about every 3 hours, and the frequency of updates for the list per day was average Maintained at 8 times, basically distributed at 2:50, 5:50, 8:50, 11:50, 15:00, 17:50, 20:50, 23:50. The list was updated 5 times on May 28, the list was updated 7 times on May 27, and the list was updated 9 times on May 25.

App store ranking algorithm changes

Application Charts

In the top 10 list of free apps last week, a total of 15 products were shortlisted, an increase of 2 products compared to the number of products on the list the previous week.

The "National Anti-fraud Center" launched by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security continued its dominance last week, dominating the top 1 list of free apps for 7 consecutive days; "NetEase Cloud Music" launched a personality-led color test function on May 26, and passed To play different music, users can click on the scene of their Lenovo, and finally generate a test report. The personality color test hit the circle of friends once it was launched. "NetEase Cloud Music" jumped 25 places on the same day and rose to the top 5 of the free apps list.

Game Charts

In last week's free game list Top10, a total of 21 products were shortlisted, one more than the previous week.

Last week, the Top 1 position was divided by five games: "Moore Manor" 1 day, "King of Glory" 1 day, "Love Live" 1 day, "Mobile Fighter" 3 days, and "King Blueberry's Happy Life" 1 day.

There were 6 new games on the list last week, namely "Love Live", "Moore Manor", "Twin Fantasy", "Idle Sea", "Mobile Fighter" and "Swearing".

App store hot-searching data update

Hot-searching applications

Last week, a total of 62 apps were on the hot search, and the number was 10 less than the previous week.

Among them, the action game "Ball Battle" has been on the list 36 times, with the longest time on the list, totaling 5 days and 52 points.

Hot-searching keywords

There were 79 hot search keywords last Monday, one less than the number last week. Among them, "Learning English" ranked first, and it lasted for 1 day, 4 hours and 48 minutes when it was on the list last week.

Most of the Top 10 search keywords are tool-related words, such as "mailbox", "map", "weather forecast" and so on.

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