MyAppFree is launching a new and improved apps and games discovery platform.

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MyAppFree launches a new and improved apps and games discovery platform

The innovative service lets developers promote their apps and games and lets users discover new Android or iOS apps. It also allows users to find sales and app deals that the MyAppFree team arranges directly with developers.

Founded in 2013, the MyAppFree service is a cross-device mobile app marketing platform that uses data and technology to help publishers and companies get new, high-quality users. Thanks to its proprietary technology, the service provides top notch mobile traffic to app advertisers worldwide, helping them develop the business.

The exciting news is that the service will now feature a new and improved design that focuses more on the ease of navigation and categorization of content and apps increasing advertising performance. This, ultimately, makes it easier for developers to promote their apps or games and for users to find them

To further enhance the service’s usability, the MyAppFree publishing team will add hand-picked apps and games daily. In this process, they select and test thousands of apps to give customers what they want, whether it’sgames, utilities, photo editors, widgets, and much more.

They also compile Collections of apps and games, and select resources that provide users with a seamless experience of daily discovery.

So, users can go directly to the category they want to find the specific apps or games they’re looking for on the platform. Users can also switch the page to the preferred store. So, depending on the phone or tablet a user uses, their page will display App Store deals or Play Store deals.

A large part of what makes the service so attractive for users is that it will offer deals where users can save significant amounts of money or get some apps and games for free. To do this, the MyAppFree team reaches out to app developers and publishers to arrange exclusive deals for the platform.

Besides, the publishing team will also add timed deals daily. Ultimately, this allows users to save money while also getting the apps and games they want at a price they can afford.

Apart from this, it allows the specific app publisher or app developer to make more sales and increase their reach into newer markets.

But the service goes further than just an app that promotes apps or games. The publishers are building an entire discovery platform around the app that creates more awareness and increases an app developer’s or publisher’s reach.

This platform incorporates email marketing, social media marketing, and promo codes, all of which attract more users to the service.

In simple terms, developers will reach far more customers than they could by just listing on the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.

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