Seeking growth is the goal and direction pursued by every app. Especially after entering the stock era, the game between products has become more and more fierce. How do developers keep abreast of the latest actions of similar apps? How can product managers understand the difference between themselves and competing products based on data? How should the optimizer know himself and his opponent and adjust the ASO operation promotion strategy?

In order to help relevant practitioners solve the above pain points, ASOWorld Data has recently launched a number of functions such as "version update monitoring", "App Store monitoring", "competitive product comparison", and "recovery applications that have fallen off the list", as well as "keyword search index". "List Snapshot" and other aspects have been optimized.

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To Product Manager

Competitive product analysis is a simple and quick way to understand the field of one's own products. Therefore, product managers generally need to conduct in-depth research and analysis on competing products before updating and iterating products. Analyzing competing products can not only help practitioners find new inspiration, but also quickly grasp the latest gameplay and optimize the iterative direction to help their products achieve growth.

Competitive product comparison: horizontal comparison of App data.

Based on the use requirements of this application scenario, ASOWorld data has launched the "Competitive Product Comparison" function, which aims to help practitioners to understand competing products more quickly and comprehensively.

In this functional iteration, ASOWorld data has made more detailed adjustments in the "comparison of competing products". For example, in the "List Ranking" module, the data dimension of the list is accurate to "by minute" and "by hour "; Added the "Bestseller" ranking trend in the list type.

In the "Competition of Competitive Products", support for adding four competing apps at the same time, allowing horizontal comparison of seven aspects of data including application information, distribution area, ratings and comments, recommendation records, rankings, keywords, downloads/revenues , The differences and commonalities between the products will be fully visible.

"Version update monitoring": quickly understand the App Store market update data.

Earlier, when we wanted to know at which time point a product was version updated, we could only click "Version Record" on the product details page to view the analysis individually and one by one. In order to help everyone quickly understand the daily version update situation of the App Store market, ASOWorld data specially launched the "version update monitoring" function.

In "Version Update Monitoring", you can filter according to the field you belong to, such as applications and games under the first level classification, and more detailed second level classifications. Practitioners can locate a certain type of App on a specific date. The update status of the app, including how many apps were updated on that day and the app's update log.

In addition to filtering dimensions such as "category", "region", "date", and "application type", you can also filter by "update time" to find the latest version update; you can also filter by "popular developers" to focus on major manufacturers What updates have been made by its App to lock the industry's vane.

The "version update monitoring" function also supports data export. If you want to conduct a more refined analysis of competing apps, you can use data processing to explore deep-seated common laws. In addition, by viewing the "Version Update Trend", you can view the trend of the number of App updates within a certain period of time. Among them, the number of updates is mostly during working days or when Apple's official algorithm is adjusted.

To developer

App Store Monitoring: Know the scheduled release time of competing products.

Many apps want to get the maximum exposure when they first go online on the App Store. Some apps may avoid collisions with competing products and be divided into traffic; some apps will selectively scrap the traffic of competing apps. However, no matter what method is used to finalize the release time, it is very necessary to understand the scheduled release time of competing products before going online.

Using ASOWorld data's "App Store monitoring" function "scheduled applications-estimated release time distribution" module, you can get a preliminary understanding of the scheduled release time of competing products.

What's more worth mentioning is that a data overview has been added to the "App Store Monitoring", allowing you to have a panoramic view of yesterday and today's changes in the App Store. In addition, data for the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions have also been added.

To optimizer

Keyword search index algorithm optimization.

For the optimizer, the keyword search index is an important reference data in formulating an optimization strategy. Last year, after the ASOWorld data was launched on the "Keyword Search Index", it also attracted the attention of a large number of practitioners.

ASOWorld data has re-optimized the "keyword search index" algorithm recently, and has been fully optimized in four aspects: accuracy, coverage level, update frequency, and coverage area. Among them, in terms of update frequency, the "keyword search index" has reached an update frequency of once every two hours.

Real-time list-list snapshot optimization.

Real-time attention to list changes is an indispensable part of the optimizer’s work process. ASOWorld data provides a "List Snapshot" section in the "Real-time List", which can help optimizers understand the changes in the list in the first time and adjust optimization strategies in time. 

In this iteration, in order to provide more accurate list change data, more list change nodes are released in the "List Snapshot" so that the optimizer can more accurately grasp the changes in the App Store list.

Competitive product comparison-keywords.

Competitive product comparison function is not only important for products, but also very important for optimizers, especially keyword comparison. Paying attention to the keyword optimization of competing products is the focus of the optimizer's daily attention. The horizontal comparison of keywords can be achieved in the "Competitive Product Comparison-Keyword" module of the ASOWorld data. A search box has also been added to enable fast retrieval of target keywords, and the optimization of competing product keywords can be clear at a glance.

Recover the app after failing the list.

In order to help optimizers to understand the recovery time of failed applications in a timely manner, ASOWorld data has launched the "Recovery Applications" function. Through this function, the optimizer can lock the recovery time of the target keyword in time, and continue maintenance and optimization after the keyword is covered stably.

In addition, you can also learn about the number of restored applications on a specific date based on the "recovery trend of failed apps", and explore common laws from it.

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