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Preschool education apps resume their absolute advantage in attracting money

Recently, ASOWorld data released the ranking list of popular online education apps in April (iOS), including the download list and the income list.

Judging from the rankings of the Top 3 apps on the two lists, "Driving Test Book" has continued to rank top 1 in the download list and revenue list, and "" has risen by one place in the download list to enter the Top 3.

April Online Education Download Ranking

In the top 3 download list, "Driving Test Book" and "Job Gang" occupy the first and second positions for two consecutive months; "" has risen by one place to occupy the third place.

There are 5 new apps on the list in April, which is 3 less than the previous month. The types of new apps on the list mainly focus on pre-school education and language learning: there are 4 pre-school education apps, namely "Bei Le Tiger Children's Songs", "Pan Fish Picture Book", "Calling Academy" and "Baby Bus"; and 1 A language learning app called "Duolingo".

In the Top 30, although the number of K12 education apps decreased by 1 compared with March, it still occupied the Top 1 with 9 apps; the number of preschool education apps on the list increased by 4 compared to last month, and 6 apps were included in the list. , Ranked second.

From the perspective of App companies, Yuanli Education continued its advantage of being listed on the list of 4 apps last month, and is still the company with the most apps on the list; followed by Baidu and Xiaoyaohai, both of which are on the list.

In the April income list, the number of pre-school education apps on the list is far ahead, with 10 apps on the list, an increase of 3 from the previous month; followed by language learning apps, with 6 apps on the list, a decrease of 1 from the previous month paragraph.

Hong En Education still has the most apps on the list. A total of 4 apps entered the list, an increase of 1 compared to last month; followed by Liuli said, still ranking second with 2 apps; the rest of the manufacturers all made 1 on the list .


In the online education rankings in April, the number of pre-school education apps has increased significantly: 5 of the new apps in the download list are pre-school education apps, and there are 6 in the Top 30, an increase of 4 from the previous month; the top 30 revenue list There are 10 pre-school education apps, accounting for 33% of the list. The "recovery" of pre-school education apps broke the pattern of the large number of higher education and language learning apps last month, and restored the previous advantage of attracting money.

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