According to the latest data from the ASO World data team, the App Store free list last week generally maintained the frequency of updating the list about every 3 hours, and the frequency of updating the list a day was maintained at an average of 8 times, which was stable compared to the previous pattern.

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The app store algorithm rules update this week

1. App store rankings

1) Application list

In the top 10 list of free apps last week, a total of 13 products were shortlisted, the same as the number of products on the list the previous week.

The "National Anti-Fraud Center" launched by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security continued its dominance last week, dominating the top 1 list of free apps for 6 consecutive days; the official McDonald's app "McDonald's" rose by 273 places on May 18th. The second place was maintained for 5 days, and yesterday it rose one place to the top free app list. In addition, on May 18, the "Individual Income Tax" ranking rose by 12 places and entered the Top 10.

2) Game list

In last week's free game list Top10, a total of 20 products were shortlisted, an increase of 2 compared to the previous week.

Last week, the Top 1 position was divided by four games: 1 day for "Glory of the King", 2 days for "My Hotel", 2 days for "Relics of the God of War", and 2 days for "The Happy Life of King Blueberry".

There were 2 new games on the list last week, namely "Little Brave" and "Remains of the God of War". Among them, "Remains of the God of War" entered the Top 10 on May 19, and the next day the ranking rose by 3 places on the free list of top apps.

The rankings of the three games have risen significantly: "Fill My Cup" rose by 92 places on May 16, and on May 21, "Tower Defense Soul Master" and "The Happy Life of King Blueberry" rose by 26 and 50 places respectively.

2. Data changes in the hot search list

1) Hot search applications

Last week, a total of 72 apps were on the hot search, and the number was one less than the previous week.

Among them, the action game "Slag Rabbit Three Seconds" has been on the list 34 times, with the longest time on the list, totaling 4 days, 13 hours and 12 minutes.

2) Hot search keywords

There were a total of 80 hot search keywords last Monday, an increase of 10 compared to the number of last week. Among them, "mini games" ranked first, and last week they were on the list for 1 day, 21 hours and 14 minutes.

Most of the Top 10 search keywords are game-related words, such as "mini games", "racing", "Three Kingdoms Mobile Games" and so on.

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