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Top apps ranking in April: Douyin completely suppresses Kuaishou, Fan Deng doubles his income from reading

The April app list is freshly released by ASO World tech team. Let's take a look at whether the App Store app market in China in April is still dominated by Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba and other major manufacturers? Are there any "rising stars" in the fields of long and short videos, social networking, and shopping that are looking forward to?

Top 30 popular app downloads in April

In the ranking of app downloads in April, "Pinduoduo" returned to the top with 6.0799 million downloads, and Tencent's social giant "WeChat" followed closely behind with 5,714,200 downloads. The "Taobao Special Edition", which performed well in the Top 3 in March, encountered Waterloo in April and ranked in the Top 12 with only 3.0847 million downloads. In April, it was the short video giant "Tik Tok" that successfully squeezed into the Top 3.

Judging from the top 30 downloads, the market structure that new applications are difficult to emerge and large manufacturers are difficult to shake remains unchanged. Among them, Tencent still has super traffic products in the fields of social, entertainment, and music segments.

"Mobile Taobao", "Taobao Special Edition" and "Xianyu" continue to help Ali sit firmly on the top spot in the shopping field (although Pinduoduo is at the top of the list, it can't hold back the crowds and crowds).

In the short video field, the downloads of ByteDance’s "Tik Tok" of 5.17 million, the "Cut Ying" of 5.0314 million downloads and the "Tik Tok Speed ​​Edition" of 2.969 million downloads are all higher than the 2.5421 million downloads of "Kaishou".

Of course, if you insist on finding a surprising app in April, it must be the "National Anti-fraud Center." This application developed by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security not only became the only new application on the list in March, but also continued its high popularity in April, ranking soaring 7 places and successfully squeezing into the top ten of the list.

The "hotness" of the "National Anti-fraud Center" is inseparable from the vigorous publicity of related units. Take Shenzhen Wenheyou as an example. Due to the hot market of the Internet celebrity venue, the "Wenheyou Queuing Guide" has become a Shenzhen native. A major focus of attention. The police in Luohu just caught this point. Their anti-fraud propaganda adopted "scan the QR code at the door of Wen Heyou to download and register the National Anti-Fraud Center App, and the police uncle will take you directly to the fast track!" The effect is quite good.

Top 30 Popular Apps Revenue in April

The overall income list of popular apps in April did not change much, and the money-absorbing ability of various long and short videos and social apps was still untouched. There is still no new face in the top 30 list of app revenue estimates.

Judging from the rankings of the list, "Tik Tok", "Tencent Video", and "iqiyi" have a solid position and firmly hold the top three positions in the income list. The estimated income is US$55,306,200, US$29,337,500 and US$22,039,200 respectively. ; "Xingyue Club" ranks 8 places higher than last month, ranking in Top 6 with an income of US$8.5884 million. In addition, "Climbing Dushu" has increased its ranking by 14 places compared to last month. It is the highest-ranking application in the Top30 list along with "Huya Live". The former had a total revenue of US$3.628 million in April and the latter in April. The total income is $1.1936 million.

From the perspective of application vendors, Tencent's dominance remains the same. A total of 7 applications in the Top 30 are shortlisted, and they are fully blooming in the four sub-fields of entertainment, social networking, music, and tools.

From the perspective of application classification, social applications are the most, with a total of 8 shortlisted, namely QQ, Tantan, Weibo, Soul, Zhihu, Momo, WeChat and Aichao. Long and short video apps were the next best, with 7 shortlisted apps, and music apps ranked third, with 4 shortlisted apps in total. In addition, there are three shortlisted book applications. It can be seen that in addition to strong social and entertainment needs, the willingness of netizens to pay for knowledge should not be underestimated.

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