The US market share in mobile game spending reached 28% in 2020 driven by pandemic-related lockdowns. By comparison, Japan reached a share of 22% and China had a share of 18% following a four-year reduction in their market shares.

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US spending on mobile games reaches 28% market share

That’s according to new research from Sensor Tower. Other countries outside of the top five have seen their shares increase as ever more developers turn to other lucrative markets.

In 2020, India accounted for 12% of downloads (9.7 billion), followed by the US with 7% and Brazil at 6%.

The leading five countries accounted for just 32% of installs globally despite reaching revenues of 77%.

For 2023, the mobile game market is expected to reach $117 billion in player spending across the App Store and Google Play store.

Southeast Asia will see some of the biggest growth at 88% and Europe is forecast to reach 76%.

Subscriptions are one of the core drivers of revenue in non-gaming apps already but are now also reaching games.

In 2020, 29% of top mobile games on the App Store used subscription models.

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