The App Store’s Top 10 App Recommendations in May are occupied by apps, and the work-day review efficiency has been significantly improved. The ASOWorld data team will review the May App Store Promotion Report with you.

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App Store News Review on May 2021

1. The relevant person in charge of Apple discloses the details of App Store audit

On May 8, when the relevant person in charge of Apple attended the trial between Apple and Epic, they disclosed a lot of App Store audit details that were not exposed before: App Store refused to review 170w apps every year on average; the audit team consisted of 500 people, etc.

2. The Apple developer website released data related to App Store review and supervision in 2020

In the early morning of May 12th, Beijing time, Apple's developer website released data related to App Store review and supervision in 2020, including App review, App review, and supervision of developer accounts, as well as avoiding potential fraudulent transactions for users.

According to third-party speculation, Apple’s operation is in response to the review of Epic Games’ litigation and legislative supervision, and it also shows that the App Store has become more transparent in reviewing apps.

3. Apple has fixed the bug in the privacy tracking page

On April 27th, Apple launched the official version of iOS 14.5. In addition to Apple Watch that can unlock iPhone, support AirTag, dual SIM5G and other functions, the most concerned is the publicly launched transparent App privacy tracking function.

However, after upgrading to iOS14.5, many users found that the privacy tracking function of the mobile phone App is abnormal: the IDFA option on the [Settings]-[Privacy]-[Tracking] page is grayed out and cannot be turned on.

On May 18, the ASOWorld data team tested and found that the IDFA option on the [Tracking] page was grayed out and could not be opened. The bug has been fixed. The App can normally pop up a pop-up window to ask the user "Do you allow tracking", and the user can check on this page. App privacy tracking permissions are managed in a unified manner.

4. Apple announced App Store Connect to update age rating settings

On May 20th, Apple’s developer website released a new message about the update of App Store Connect grading settings: the previously merged "gambling and competition" was split into "gambling" and "competition". , Developers can choose corresponding descriptions according to their needs.

Previously, when editing the age rating in the iTC background, even if the game-related apps did not contain gambling content, you could only select the option "gambling and competition". After selecting, the age rating of the app will become 17+ years old, that is, 17+ The above users are open; now after the split, the competition apps are not bound to "gambling", and the age rating can be 12+ years old or 4+ years old, that is, it can be opened to children 12+ years old or even 4+ years old, which is invisibly increased The range of potential users is increased.

5. Apple launches new Apple Developer Forum feature

On May 26, Apple announced on the developer website that it had launched a new Apple Developer Forum. The Apple Developer Forum is an excellent platform for posting questions, exchanging knowledge, and discussing various development topics with fellow developers and Apple engineers. The new features of the forum make it easier for developers to track dynamics, search for content, and post responses. , It also includes new functions such as searching for content using multiple tags, adding and managing personal favorite tags.

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