Even though lockdown restrictions are now coming to an end, use of food delivery apps continues to increase, according to new data from ASO World.

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Food delivery app usage continues to grow despite ending lockdowns

Food delivery app activity rose rapidly as lockdown restrictions came into place last year February and March.

Foodpanda stood out as it expanded globally into Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand.

Food apps are trying to stay relevant by extending their options. For example, DoorDash partnered with Rite Aid to deliver groceries and wellness items.

Grocery and delivery apps took the opportunity to launch new offices globally with DoorDash and UberEats establishing presences in Germany in May 2021.

At the same time, downloads of delivery apps surged.

DoorDash ranked as the number one food delivery app in the US in April 2021 at 2.1 million downloads.

What may be interesting for app marketers in this space is that consumers of food delivery apps also use grocery apps. Around 10% of US DoorDash users also installed Instacart on their phones.

When it comes to grocery deliveries, UberEats ranked top in the UK and France. Morrisons also scored among the top 10 in the UK with two of its apps.

“Despite many consumers enjoying restrictions being lifted and indoor dining reopening, we are still seeing a spike in both food and grocery delivery app usage the past few months. DoorDash ranked #1 among food apps in April 2021 and received 2.1 million new US downloads. Not only this, but those who enjoy getting their dinner delivered right to their door also enjoy the same convenience for their groceries. In fact, 10% of US DoorDash users on iPhones also used Instacart in April, proving that food and grocery delivery apps are a package deal that’s here to stay,” said Lexi Sydow, Head of Marketing Insights, App Annie.

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