Snap has released a special edition of its Spectacles that includes augmented reality technology to make it easier for creators to connect with followers. At 134 grams, you can bring Snap’s world of augmented reality anywhere for boundless creativity and exploration. You can easily share the experience with your friends right from Spectacles.

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Snap launches Spectacles with AR for creators

The new Spectacles will eventually be available to the public but for now it seems Snap is focusing on creators in order to promote the line.

Through the wearables, users can view digital images in an immersive fashion.

The Spectacles come with 30 minute battery life and features two cameras to capture video and a Scan feature. They also come with built-in microphones to record audio.

Competitors like Facebook and Apple are developing similar glasses.

Snap is sharing the glasses with select creators right now, in particular those who make Lenses.

Your Vision, Powered by Lens Studio

With new Spectacles, you can use Lens Studio to push the bounds of what it means to realistically overlay augmented reality on the world around you. Or, use your Spectacles 3 to capture content that can be integrated in Snapchat with Lenses you build.

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