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Tinder adds feature to block contacts from phone book

Awkward no more. Tinder has added a feature that lets people block others on the phone by uploading their phone contacts.

This means that people can ensure they don’t see their exes or other people they’re trying to avoid on the app.

According to research by the app, 40% of people said they’ve seen ex-partners on the and 24% saw a family member.

But the addition is also useful to block abusive people or stalkers.

Instead of having to enter details one by one, Tinder will simply ask for access to a user’s phone book and then uses can select the numbers they wish to block.

The app has already tested the feature in Japan, India and Korea.

It can be accessed from below the profile icon. While importing numbers is the quick step, users still need to select the individual contacts they no longer wish to see.

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