As the traffic battlefield of the mobile Internet industry, the domestic application market has almost been preempted. Want to obtain more traffic, many people are looking to foreign countries. For apps that are promoted overseas, the current promotion is mainly based on purchases, including app stores. In other words, overseas promotion methods are more limited than domestic ones.

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App Store list optimization

In fact, in addition to purchases, the traffic brought by app store searches and rankings cannot be ignored. In order to get the maximum traffic through the app store, in addition to being seen by search users, the list must also be ranked high. Today we will focus on the principle of list optimization in the Apple App Store.

Take the US region as an example, the ASO operation principle of App Store is the same as that of China region.

The list is the general name of all the rankings in the App Store. Currently in the App Store, the "Apps" list includes 23 categories such as business, tools, social, and travel, and the "Games" list includes 16 categories including action games, adventure games, and arcade games.

And today’s list optimization is for free lists and paid lists. Before the IOS 11 version, the App Store contained free lists, paid lists and bestseller lists. After that, it was changed to "Games" and "Apps". The paid list and free list were embedded in these two parts, and the best-selling list was cancelled.

In the latest version of iOS12, the top three apps are displayed in the paid and free lists in the "Games" and "Apps" menus. The paid and free lists of Games and Apps are about the top 200 apps.

It shows that the number of list displays in the App Store is limited and concentrated. If an app wants to appear on the list and rank high, it needs list optimization. List optimization is an optimization method for apps to obtain impressions through the list, which is more suitable for apps with high branding or high budgets.

What should be done to optimize the list?

What factors affect the ranking of the list?

List optimization refers to the behavior of a large number of downloads within a period of time to achieve the effect of increasing the ranking of the list, thereby obtaining a better list placement. What factors should be paid attention to to improve the ranking of the list?

Overall ranking

"Overall list" refers to the overall list of the App Store, including paid lists and free lists. Apple has its own set of algorithms for app ranking, but it is still unknown. According to industry experience, it is found that the main factor affecting the ranking of the list is downloads, followed by user reviews, active users and other factors.


In fact, the higher the download volume, the higher the product ranking, just like the entrance exam, the higher your score, the higher the ranking. The higher the number of downloads, the user likes it, and it is a good product, so it is natural for the App Store to expose it at the top of the ranking.

Increasing the number of downloads is the most important way to optimize the list. You can use marketing activities to attract users to download, or real users who purchase the points wall to download.

[Chicken you are so beautiful] The app has been spit out by netizens through Cai Xukun’s playing basketball, modified the product name and icon, used the ecology of the B station, and achieved high rankings through a surge in downloads without buying volume.

②User comments

User reviews include the number of reviews and the rating of reviews. If you want to increase comments, you can do so by guiding users to comment, buy comments, and exchange comments.

Lead user reviews

Sometimes, when we open an app, we receive a pop-up window requesting to write a comment. Usually we ignore it. Some are guided when the app is closed, but they will still be ignored. In fact, there are only two types of users who can write reviews for apps, one is users with particularly good experience, and the other is users with particularly poor experience. Therefore, improving product quality and guiding user reviews is the key.

Buy reviews

Buy reviews, it's Apple's gravity. If found, it will be cleared or removed. So pay attention to the comments. However, now buying reviews is a real person. That is, ASO optimizes their own original writing, and the length is relatively long, which can reflect the authenticity of the review. It is best to highlight the highlights of the product in the comments to attract users to download.

Change comment

To change reviews is to add a lot of App promotion groups, CP groups, game groups, ASO groups, etc., and send messages to exchange reviews for apps.

③Active users

In addition to ranking the App Store based on the number of downloads, another important factor is user activity, which is also Apple's consideration for the healthy development of its own ecology. More active users means high-quality products. Just like the short video app Douyin, which lives more than 100 million daily, the ranking naturally remains high.

Classification and ranking

The category ranking is also mainly determined by the number of downloads. You can choose a category for product launch or update. If you choose a category that is close to your own products and is not so competitive, you will earn a lot.

For example, a group buying app can belong to the lifestyle category, it can also be attributed to the food and drink category, and it can also be attributed to the shopping category. Next, it is time to study the competition under the three categories. What is the ranking of the same downloads in the three categories. Finally, choose a suitable category to give the product the greatest degree of exposure and maximize the benefits of downloading.

The rule of ranking optimization

Through the inspection of the list update time of the third-party ASO data platform, it is found that the list update time is not fixed. The interval between two list updates can be as short as 2 hours and as long as 6 hours.

The ranking of the list is updated 3-7 times a day, and the interval between each update is 2-6 hours. In addition, we can also see that the update time of the paid list and the free list are mostly the same.

Note: The update frequency of the above rankings is not fixed, and Apple will also change the update frequency due to its own algorithm adjustment. But most of them are the above kind of situation.

What are the main ways to optimize the ranking?

A third-party data platform shows that there are currently two million products on the App Store, and users can see very few of them. If a product wants to get exposure from millions of products, there are two ways: one is to search through keywords, and the other is to optimize the list.

1. Integral Wall

Using the points wall to optimize the free list is to improve the ranking of the list by downloading. At present, the integral wall is an optimization method with the lowest cost and the best effect. However, long-term experiments and observations are needed for the specific time and magnitude of the release.

Our optimizer has got his own set of ranking plan through continuous exploration, but this is not always changing, we still have to put the ranking list according to the specific situation. If you want to know about the ranking plan, you can contact Nana on WeChat (WeChat ID: kvihgiqo)

2. Optimize the list by changing the App category

As mentioned earlier, choosing a suitable category will also bring about changes in product rankings. Developers can choose the app category when they go online or update the app, and then choose a more suitable list type, which is also of great benefit to improving the ranking of the category list.

For example, the conversion between paid and free. Free for a limited time, it can quickly attract users to try it out in a short period of time, and at the same time help users download.

3. Optimize the list through planning activities

In most cases, when a product goes online or a new feature is launched, product promotion activities can be carried out through planning activities, and then a press release or soft article can be written, and information streams (WeChat public account, Moments, Fantong) can be used to put media resources, celebrities or influencers Kol endorsement.

Attract users to download through online + offline linkage, and achieve the effect of rising rankings on the list.

4. the list optimization process dismantling

Warm-up period. During the 1-3 days of ranking, you can optimize the keywords to improve the product's ranking in the keyword search results, and you can also improve the product's ranking in the list accordingly. After all, the keyword search ranking is high, and the conversion rate will be relatively high. With high downloads, the ranking of the list will increase.

Rushing period. Within 2-3 days of playing the rankings, you can put in a large number of points wall weights, and make every effort to raise the rankings.

Maintenance period. The maintenance period is usually 7 days to 3 months. When the App ranking reaches the top position, there is no need to cast a large number of orders, but to choose the best cost-effective order to maintain the existing rankings.

In the ranking period. Sustained ranking rises.

Note: The whole process of rushing the list is accompanied by keyword optimization. In fact, the relationship between keyword optimization and the list is mutual. The amount of keyword optimization changes to a qualitative change, the ranking increases, and the increase in the ranking of the list will also drive keyword coverage.

5. Detailed explanation of ASO algorithm by Apple account

Previously, the operation of ASO was mainly through "search keywords + click on the display page" to achieve the desired effect.

Later, Apple changed the algorithm. The simple "search + display page click" will not produce any effect. Currently, the main ASO operation method used is "search keywords + display page click + download". The downloaded data is monitored, and then the list can be optimized.

Regardless of the former algorithm or the latter algorithm, the white account and the weighted account are both effective, and a weighted account can be equivalent to the effect of 3-6 white numbers.

6. conclusion

The list is an important display position for the App. App that can be on the list can get enough exposure. But the list is limited. If you want to stand out among the more than 2 million apps, in addition to your own products, you need to do a good job in optimizing the list. The best result for ranking list optimization is the score wall.

At present, there are not many ASO teams in the United States, and many areas are in a state of non-competition, so the dividends really exist.

No matter whether it is in terms of self-metadata optimization or point wall placement, the overseas App will reap a large number of users as long as it is done. We love profit and are also actively exploring the American ASO ecosystem, hoping to help CPs achieve the best growth effect with the least budget.

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