There are millions of apps in the App Store. How to make your App stand out? Doing well in ASO is just a basic skill, today I will take you to learn it once.

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Basic knowledge of ASO

This section includes three parts: what is ASO; basic optimization; keyword search ranking optimization.

1. What is ASO?

The full name is App Store Optimization, that is, Apple App Store Optimization. It is the promotion method that makes use of App Store search rules and ranking rules to make App easier to be searched or seen by users. Usually, what we call ASO refers to the optimization of keyword ranking.

Traffic sources of the App Store: boutique recommendations, categories, rankings, searches, updates;

The weight order of App Store search: App name>App keywords>App description>In-app purchase name or description;

Why do you want to do ASO: The distribution of App Store is distributed in: search, ranking, recommendation position, external guide quantity. More than 70% comes from users actively searching for keywords. Compared with other channels, ASO's user sources are more accurate, and downloads can increase by 50% to 300% compared to before optimization.

2. Basic optimization

Including App name, subtitle (the latest IOS11 subtitle), icon, screenshot + video, app description, user reviews, App installs, active users, active user ratio and user retention, social sharing data (exposure).

The main explanations are as follows:

(1) Language localization

Apple has 155 sales areas and 28 localizations, but in localization:

The valid verifications in China are: Simplified Chinese, English (UK), English (United States), English (Australia) (Note: The search rate of keywords is the highest in the above regions)

The valid localization languages ​​that have been verified in the English region are: English (Canada), Spanish (Spain) (language localization settings may not be 100% to increase the number of coverage, you can upload again if you fail the first time)

(2) Title: Also known as the application name, it occupies a space of 30 characters

The idea of ​​setting the whole title:

Title subtitle = core keywords + user psychology

(3) Keywords, occupy 100 characters space

Keyword composition is divided into: group words divided into ABC/AB/BC/ABC (instalment loan)

3. Keyword search ranking optimization

To improve the ranking and exposure of keywords covered by our App, common third-party optimization methods include:

(1) Points Wall

The effect of optimizing keywords and rankings by the points wall is currently the most secure and stable in Apple's algorithm.

Download products by searching keywords by real users, such as searching for "financial management", you can find the location of the product "xx financial management". Download the demo to improve the keyword ranking.

The weight of the real users of the loyalty wall is much higher than that of the machine brush. For example, the weight of the loyalty wall is two to three hundred, and the machine may use tens of thousands of tens of thousands.

There are currently four main categories of points walls:

An established platform with a large user scale and a long-term business. The advantage of the platform lies in its rich service experience and large number of users. For orders that require a large number of users, such as the free list, it can be done with ease and the effect is guaranteed, but the price is also the highest in the industry.

Platform with medium user scale and rapid business development. The advantage of the platform is that in order to compete for the market, it usually provides more sophisticated and considerate services, the effect is also guaranteed, and the price concessions are strong.

A platform with small user scale and just starting business. Usually, the main advantages of this type of platform are lower prices and good service, but the experience is relatively weak. In fact, it is difficult to guarantee the effect.

Machine brush channel, or doped machine brush platform. Usually this kind of platform can give a reserve price that is significantly lower than the normal price range of the market, and various ranking optimizations can also be quickly satisfied, but the maintenance time is very short, the effect is very fast, and the risk is extremely high, and it is likely to be cleared. Or remove it.

(2) Machine brush

a. Agreement brush

Features: large quantity, cheap, and high efficiency.

Because it has a very low cost per volume, it can achieve a very strong effect in the order of magnitude, but it is easy to be detected by Apple.

b. Real machine brush

Real machine scripts are the most popular types of machine brushes in the industry at present. The better ones are computer rooms above Apple 6. The running efficiency can reach within 30 seconds. Teams with better technology can still achieve the expected effect, but there are too many ips. The repetition will make Apple detect.

c. Meat brush

Refers to multiple people operating hundreds or thousands of mobile phones in one venue. Due to a single IP, Apple will not have the cumulative effect of weighting, and there is no optimization effect on the list.

In summary, the machine brush is still suitable for products with multiple packages. Choosing the machine brush channel is generally an urgent need for the improvement of the ranking optimization effect. After the machine brushing, it will have a certain impact on the weight of the product itself, and the keyword optimization may not go up in the later stage.

(3) List optimization

The promotion of the ranking of the list is based on Apple's algorithm to increase the daily download volume, and the effect of optimizing the ranking of the list can be achieved by optimizing keywords.

(4) Comment optimization

Every time the App is updated, the original comment will be overwritten and the corresponding comment will be added to the App. The number of comments will affect the ranking of the App in the general list and the classification list (proportional weight), and the optimization of the reviews is also to enhance the user's desire to download when they see the software introduction.

ASO delivery ideas

This section includes three major areas: ASO keyword optimization key experience; ASO optimization ideas for a new App; how to choose a high-quality point wall platform.

1. ASO keyword optimization key experience

(1) Accumulate ASO knowledge

There are many ways to understand ASO knowledge, such as:

  • Go to Zhihu, Jianshu and other ASO-related columns to view related knowledge
  • Go to the WeChat public account about ASO to view related knowledge
  • Learn to use relevant data to monitor websites
  • Actively participate in various promotion-related online and offline activities to accumulate peer contacts
  • Communicate with colleagues around you, free optimization cases are all around you
  • To do ASO well, a lot of work must be done, because this promotion channel is very important to the product itself.

(2) Practical operation to accumulate optimization experience

a. Choice of words: brand words, industry words, competitive words

First of all, there must be a strong sense of protection in this area of ​​brand words. Brand words and typos and pinyin of brand words must be top1. For example: WeChat, prestige, weixin.

Secondly, the industry term is a project that every company will compete with, especially the industry term. For example, financial management, loans, fishing, live broadcast, etc. In industry terms, big words and association words of big words are preferred.

Finally, on the choice of competing words. We need to give priority to competing products that already have a high reputation or are currently doing a lot of exposure, and we can use the top products of various industries as competing product words. In a word: Competitors choose well-known products.

There are two ways to improve keyword ranking optimization: one is the point wall and the other is the machine brush.

For products with only one iOS package at home, the point wall is undoubtedly the best choice, which can continuously increase the weight of the product. Machine brushing is relatively more harmful, because as long as your product has been machine brushed, it will greatly increase the risk of being punished by Apple, and it will seriously reduce the weight of the iOS package.

iOS packages cannot withstand long-term machine refreshing and are easily scrapped, so everyone should pay attention here (please ignore CPs with more packages); in addition, CPs also need to adjust the popularity of keywords and competition according to their own budgets .

b. Estimate

CPs can estimate according to the heat, check the trend of heat in the past six months, and check the situation of competing products.

The current ranking situation is as follows: Top1 has the most amount, Top2 is about half of Top1, Top3 is about the average of Top2, and Top10 has a lot of keywords with high popularity.

At different time nodes, the effect of the quantity of products is also different, such as the golden nine silver ten of the real estate category, the peak season of the recruitment category, the winter and summer vacations of the education category, the shopping festival of e-commerce, etc., CPs need to be based on the characteristics of their own products To adjust the intensity of ASO delivery.

If the keyword optimization is very good, but the quantity is not ideal, you should pay attention to the basic optimization of the title, subtitle, application screenshots, comments, etc. to increase the conversion rate; in addition, the choice of words is also very important, after some keyword products are optimized The amount of belt is really not ideal.

In any case, don't worry, because these are all things that need to be tested, because ASO optimization itself is a long-term process. I hope that CPs will optimize their products carefully and help you complete KPIs is not a dream.

2. The optimization ideas of a new APP in terms of ASO

(1) Basic optimization

a. Optimization principle

a) Title:

The idea of ​​setting the whole title:

Title subtitle = core keywords + user psychology

b) Keywords:

Cover keywords before optimization: Cover both core industry words and competing product words (words that are not related to brand words, industry words and competing product words).

b. How to expand keywords?

First of all, understand what your app does and what problems it solves. Secondly, when you want to expand, there are 3 methods when you are relatively poor in terms:

a) Baidu Index

Use tools to build your own keywords (Baidu index popularity trend analysis).

b) Understand competing products

Look for your own competing products or pseudo-competitive products on the list, and see which keywords they cover. The words they rank in the top one or two are not required to compete for the time being. You have to choose the one that suits you.

c) If you consider increasing the number of keyword coverage, you can consider the language localization function and make a vest package. This is to expand the keyword coverage in disguise.

c. Keyword optimization considerations

The first two regions have the highest weight. It is said that adding punctuation marks to increase the weight, this is just a saying, it is recommended to use a small number of symbols, because too many symbols will affect the number of keyword coverage.

The title is separated by special characters, and the core words can be repeated in multiple language areas.

Important keywords, put them first (the choice of words should be combined with the search index and the number of search results).

(2) Keyword ranking optimization:

a. Choice of APP Points Wall Channels at Different Stages

a) Apps that are in the early stage of development or not yet online

Since the product is relatively new, there are actually very few users who have downloaded it. For most of the aso channels, the number of users is sufficient. Therefore, if you want to save costs, and the best solution is to find a good reputation in the industry, but the overall scale is not particularly large, trying to use preferential prices and high-quality services to retain customers.

This type of channel usually has relatively reasonable prices, and can serve customers comprehensively in terms of keyword coverage, weight enhancement, ranking, and maintenance from the perspective of customers.

b) App in the mid-development period (never worked hard on ASO services)

In the case of ample budget, you can choose a larger or medium-sized platform, but if you are sensitive to service response speed and price, a medium-sized platform is more suitable.

This type of platform can optimize coverage, weight, and top-level words step by step. Of course, try to choose a channel that ensures the effect. Although the unit price may be slightly higher, the results of the cooperation will be more secure.

c) App in the mid-development period (ASO has already experienced many battles)

There is basically no need to consider whether to maintain the ranking effect when cooperating, but to choose some familiar and trustworthy channels that have a unit price advantage and the point wall can provide a sufficient amount of real users. In this way, we use our own optimization team to select keywords and arrange the order of magnitude. The quality and quantity can be completed by the partner company.

d) Climb the free or paid total list, want to quickly absorb the volume and pursue a safe app

It is recommended to choose a large-scale and high-reputation platform for this type of app. This type of platform has a very large user level and is more effective for ranking control. (For the paid list, because the required user level is relatively not so large, the medium-scale platform can also be completed with very high quality)

b. Matters needing attention

a) Suggestions for word selection and estimation:

Learn more, watch more research, increase the quality and accuracy of word selection estimation

According to the current budget, select suitable keywords to do it, and summarize the quantity data in time to test the effect of the quantity of words

b) Timely synchronization of Apple algorithm and IOS latest news

c) Explanation of lock list, lock word, and clear list

d) Timely notification of competitive product keyword optimization news

3. How to choose a high-quality point wall platform?

(1) Platform reputation

From the mouths of several party A, you can basically find out the reputation of several points wall. However, there are a thousand Hamlet in the hearts of a thousand people. The final choice or judgement question is still to be done through your own inquiry and test results. Don't make one size fits all, after all, there are only a few high-quality point wall platforms on the market.

(2) User scale

For example, when a popular word is optimized normally, and a task download of more than 2k is required, the small-scale platform and the large-scale platform can be compared when running the task, and the larger platform can even run in ten minutes. However, small platforms cannot even eat these 2k downloads in a day.

(3) Understand the anti-cheating technology of the platform

The specific anti-cheating technology, although Wang Po sells melons and sells each boast, but it can be reflected by the single download weight of this integral wall, the same two words of the same popularity, the same to TOP3, the two integral walls need There is a big gap in downloads. It is obvious that a small number of points wall has higher weight and better anti-cheating technology.

Of course, in addition to this method, there are many ways to judge the anti-cheating technology of the point wall platform, I will not list them one by one.

(4) Is there rich experience in launching competing products?

It mainly depends on the optimization ideas of the optimizer and the optimization experience of keywords. The focus is on the results of the test. After all, practice is the only way to test the truth.

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