At 1 am on April 21, Beijing time, the Apple Technology Spring Festival Gala came as scheduled with the slogan "Full Spring". Some media said that "Unexpected, reasonable" is the best summary of this conference.

In the one-hour press conference, a total of 5 hardware products appeared on the scene, and two services were updated, but the previously predicted AirPods 3 and Apple Pencil 3 did not appear.

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Four Tips for Developers/Promoters to See about Apple Technology Spring Festival Gala

In this conference, what surprises have hardware products created for fruit fans? As a developer/promoter, what bonus signals can you see from it?

What are the hard goods in this release?

The new iPad Pro: the peak productivity of M1+5G

Apple’s final product at the press conference is the new iPad Pro. In summary, its biggest highlight is the M1 chip. The official claim is that the graphics performance of the original iPad has now leaped 1,500 times.

In appearance, there are 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be equipped with a new Mini LED screen, which has a wider color gamut and higher contrast than OLED, which can perfectly display HDR photos and video content. As for The 11-inch model has not been upgraded in the configuration of the screen.


In terms of cameras, the iPad Pro adds an ultra-wide-angle design to the front camera, providing 12 million pixels and a 122° viewing angle. Based on the update, it presents a new function "centered character", that is, when the iPad Pro is fixedly placed, No matter how the user walks, as long as they are within the viewing angle, the character will be frozen in the middle position. When multiple people enter the lens, the iPad Pro will also actively zoom out the lens to ensure that everyone is in the field of view.


In terms of price, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at 8499 yuan, and the 11-inch iPad Pro starts at 6199 yuan. There are 5 memory options from 128GB to 2T. The color scheme is space gray and silver. .

Even more surprising is that the new iPad Pro also supports 5G, with download speeds up to 3.5Gbps. In the US market, the iPad Pro also supports millimeter wave, which allows its peak download speed to reach 4Gbps. The new iPad Pro also has a built-in studio-level microphone, and Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos must also be supported.


The iMac with colorful auspicious clouds is here

The two major products released this time are equipped with M1 chips. In addition to the new iPad Pro mentioned above, there is also a brand new iMac computer.

In terms of performance, after adopting the M1 chip, the CPU performance of the new iMac is 85% higher than the previous 21.5-inch iMac, and the GPU performance is at least 2 times higher;


In terms of interfaces, the new iMac is equipped with 4 USB-C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a 3.5mm headphone port on the side of the fuselage. In addition, the front camera of the new iMac has also been upgraded to support 1080P resolution, up to 6 speakers, and support spatial audio technology.


In terms of color, the most eye-catching thing is that the new iMac has changed its classic shape for 12 years. This time, a total of colorful colors have been released, namely blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and purple.

In addition to silver, the other 6 colors have shade changes, and the magnetically attracted power connector is also equipped with a braided power cord of the same color. In addition, the Magic Mouse and Magic Control Board have also added color schemes to meet the colorful needs.


The new iMac will accept orders on April 30 and will be available in mid-to-late May. There are three specifications for the price:

  • 8-core CPU+7-core GPU, 256G memory, available in four colors (blue, green, pink and silver), priced at 9999 yuan;
  • 8-core CPU+8-core GPU, 256G memory, colors are optional, the price is 11499 yuan;
  • 8-core CPU+7-core GPU, 512G memory, colors are optional, the price is 12999 yuan.

After half a year on the market, the best-selling phone iPhone 12 has a new color scheme

After the opening remarks of the Apple conference, the first to be released was the iPhone 12 series with a special color scheme. Cook said that in this spring season, we listed the latest color, this is the purple you see.

It can be seen from the live video that the frame of the fuselage has been specially designed and processed, and the glass panel on the back has also been carefully carved. According to the official website, purple is only available for iPhone 12 and 12 mini, and the price is still starting at 5499 yuan. For potential replacement users, the new color scheme is undoubtedly another reason to chop their hands.

The new color scheme of iPhone 12 has brought surprises to users. In the Apple Spring Festival Gala Seven Wheat Night Cat group, "surprise and surprise" are also common feedback from friends on the purple iPhone.

AirTag, a Bluetooth anti-lost artifact with a unit price of 229 yuan

Through this small disk with a unit price of RMB 229, users can touch and bind AirTag with iPhone, and then locate their device in the "Find" App on Apple devices. AirTag will send out a secure Bluetooth signal. When searching for an item, you can ask Siri or open the "Find" App, and AirTag will sound to guide you to find it.

When the lost device is close but still not found, AirTag can indicate the distance between the lost device and the user through the UWB chip equipped on all iPhones after iPhone 11; when the lost item is far away, the "find" network will Using the big data of Apple devices to help users track, the entire process can also ensure privacy and security; if the device with AirTag is lost, it can also be set to loss mode, and when someone finds it, you can contact the owner through the phone’s NFC function.


In terms of personal privacy and security, if someone deliberately puts AirTag on someone else for tracking, then the iPhone of the tracked person will find the AirTag that does not belong to him, and let the device emit a sound to find it.


What's even better is that AirTag supports appearance customization, such as engraving emoji, text, or a mix of the two, to show personality and easy to distinguish. Apple and Hermès also jointly launched AirTag Hermès, which has excellent functions and elegant appearance.

Domestic unlisted: one new product + two services

In addition to the above-mentioned three new products and the new color matching of the iPhone 12, Apple has also brought 1 hardware product and 2 service updates. Because it is not listed in the country, the current domestic attention to this product/service is still relatively low.


①Apple TV4K+ remote control

The new Apple TV4K TV equipped with the A12 bionic chip was launched together with the newly designed Siri remote control. The main highlights include:


  • Apple TV 4K is equipped with A12 chip, supports Dolby Vision, HDR, and supports high frame rate streaming
  • Air playback supports high frame rate HDR
  • Apple TV can use iPhone for color calibration
  • Siri Remote has been redesigned
  • 32gb USD 179
  • 64gb USD 199
  • On sale in late May


②Apple Card+Podcasts service update


Increase the Apple Card with the overdraft balance sharing mechanism

Apple Card Family allows credit card owners to open secondary cards to their family members. Spouses and spouses can use them at the same time. As long as users over 13 years old, they can have their own Apple Card. Minors over 13 years old can also use it.


Podcasts with a new user interface


Apple has redesigned the podcasting App page to make it clearer and more intuitive. Apple also launched a podcast subscription, this feature will be launched in 170 countries or regions around the world next month, including a number of benefits, such as ad-free listening, exclusive content, preview new content and so on.

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