With the latest information from the App Store, Greater China has 4.4 million registered developers; the first batch of domestic game version numbers were issued in May, and Tencent NetEase is listed; the iPhone 12 official website has the first major price cut. The ASOWorld technical team will take stock of relevant hotspots, App Store data changes and other information for you.

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App Store News

App Store listing/delisting status

A total of 12,096 apps were launched last week, a decrease of 219 apps compared to the previous week.

There are a total of 7066 new apps on the shelves, of which tool apps are the largest, with 823; food and beverage apps are the second with 698.

The number of removed apps (including relaunch) last week reached 9,256, a decrease of 607 compared to the previous week. Among them, 8,392 apps were removed, 864 games were removed, and the number of apps removed accounted for about 91 of the total removed apps. %.

Last week, there were a total of 141 clearing apps (including those that have been restored), of which 132 products have been restored. Currently, there are 9 clearing apps remaining, which is 17 less than last week.

Application list hotspot: Mobile Fighter: Fusion

In the free game list last week, the newly-entered card mobile game "Mobile Fighter Ji" changed from pre-order to App Store on May 24, and continued on May 25, May 26, and May 27. Top 1 free game list for three days.

Fully optimized for art

One of the main reasons "Mobile Fighter: Fusion" gained attention in the early days was its luxurious lineup of artists, which fully optimized and upgraded the game from character drawing, UI, skill animation, and battle scenes.

In the character drawing, the mecha girl in "Mobile Fighter: Fusion" uses a combination of a weak girl's body and cold and hard machinery, making the character image pitiful and giving players a strong memory point; in terms of UI, its The screen mainly highlights simplicity and texture. The overall interface is flat and hierarchical, which will not dazzle the players. In terms of skill animation, the delicate particle effect makes the 2D screen extremely expressive, and the refreshing sense of strike can be further brought to you The player's visual impact.

The plot is deep and full

In addition to the art, the plot setting has become another breakthrough in the two-dimensional mobile game. In "Mobile Fighter: Fusion", the commander played by the player is a subtle middleman-in order to fight the puppets, human beings split into two camps, "United Front" and "Otoluna", and the player's camp is two. The "Tie Fleet" of the joint force formed by the author.

In addition to the main plot, each character page also hides a lot of information. In the character file, the player sees not only the side of her belonging to the "genealogy", but also the side of the character as an independent individual. These scattered character histories are connected with the entire main storyline, making the story depth of the entire game more full.

Platform traffic support

This is a two-dimensional original IP game released by the exclusive agency of bilibili games, and the official relied on its home battle advantage to spare no effort to promote it. On the eve of the game’s public beta, the advertisement of "Mobile Fighter: Fusion" was always prominent on the homepage. The characters of different styles rotated daily with words such as "Free 50 Links" and "Limited Skins" effectively attracted the attention of pan-two-dimensional players.

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