At present, in forums, Weibo and other platforms, we noticed that everyone is discussing new products at the Apple Technology Conference. I don’t know how many fruit fans are going to be "snatched up"; for developers, this conference will bring The potential replacement wave is a good time to grasp. In addition, you can focus on this important time node on April 26, and it is reported that the official version of iOS 14.5 will be launched at this time.

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Tips for developers & promoters at the Apple Technology Conference

1. Catch the tide of replacement

The iPhone 12 series has been released for half a year. According to statistics from third-party data organizations, the iPhone 12 has lived up to expectations and won the world's largest sales volume with a market share of 6%, making it another explosive iPhone after the iPhone 11.

The editor boldly speculated that it might be due to the positive feedback of market sales. The official believes that the popularity of iPhone 12 is still there. Adding a new purple version may be a way to create momentum and add fire to iPhone 12 sales.

As of press time, the topic "iPhone12 purple" has rushed to the top spot in the hot search, which is enough to show the user's attention to the new color.

"Your next computer, why is it a computer" is the slogan of the previous generation iPad, and when the 2021 iPad Pro is released, this ad copy will show its meaning even more. By replacing the M1 chip, supporting the Thunderbolt 4 interface, and upgrading the 12.9-inch version to an XDR display, the 2021 iPad Pro has truly become a product with computer potential.


The iPhone 12, which has both beauty and strength, the iPad Pro with computer potential, and the iMac with M1 chip and cost-effective, may usher in a wave of replacement after the official release. When changing phones, users will also install apps on new devices. It is recommended that developers seize the opportunity to adjust the promotion rhythm in time to help their own apps gain access.

2. M1 chip brings new opportunities

When the official version of the Macbook Air and MacOS Big Sur equipped with the ARM chip "M1" was released in November last year, we mentioned that the emergence of the M1 chip enabled the use of mobile apps (or iPad apps) on the Mac, connecting the PC and mobile The boundary of the end. The iMac and iPad unveiled at this conference are equipped with M1 chips.


The arrival of the M1 chip means the expansion of the software ecological dimension, making it easier for mobile app developers to develop the Mac version of the App, and the App can be put on the iPhone/iPad/iMac App Store at the same time. You can try to obtain multi-terminal traffic and grasp the Apple ecology. New opportunities.

3. The official version of iOS 14.5 will arrive next week

Before, everyone was predicting that the release time of the official version of iOS14.5 will be announced at this press conference, but it seems that we are "wishful thinking" again.


However, after the press conference, Apple began to push the latest Apple iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 RC candidate preview version, usually the RC version is the last test version before the official version is launched.


In addition to the addition of AirTag support in this update, the rest of the functions are the same as the previous iOS 14.5 beta update.

It is reported that the purple version of iPhone 12 will be launched on April 30 with the official version of iOS 14.5, which may mean that the official version of iOS 14.5 will arrive next week.

4. April 26 is an important time node

Yesterday, Apple's developer website also released two news about App Store submission updates and the upcoming AppTrackingTransparency requirements, reminding developers from April 26:


①All iPhone/iPad apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 12 and iOS14 SDK or later; all watchOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 12 and watchOS 7 SDK or later.


②When the App is submitted for review, the developer must provide a statement for any other form of tracking (for example, by name or email address) in the "App Store Privacy Information" section of the product page; at the same time, these tracking will only be collected through AppTrackingTransparency. It can only be carried out with permission. You also need to include a purpose string in the system prompt to explain why the App needs to track users.


The above two reminders should be the final preparations for the official arrival of the ATT framework. Judging from the above information, April 26 may be an important time node for the arrival of iOS 14.5.


The niche Bluetooth anti-lost device AirTag, the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, the iMac in rainbow colors, the iPad Pro equipped with the M1 chip... Apple’s new products released this time all demonstrate innovation and inclusiveness. Makes people's eyes bright.

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