The download volume of the video platform "Central Video", which does not cost money and has no advertisements, exceeded 39w; the new MacBook Pro may be launched in October 2021; "Xiaoxiaole" dominates the top 1 of the most searched keywords. There are many hotspots in the app store this week. Here is an inventory of the strongest apps this week. "Xiaoxiaole" dominates the top 1 of the most searched keywords on the list.

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Hot search applications on app store

Last week, a total of 58 apps were on the hot search, and the number was 9 less than the previous week.

Among them, the action game "Red Core" has been on the list 25 times, with the longest time on the list, totaling 4 days, 21 hours and 44 minutes.

Hot search keywords

There were 64 hot search keywords last Monday, which is 9 less than the number last week. Among them, "Xiao Xiaole" ranked first, last week when it was on the list for 2 days, 20 hours and 25 minutes.

In the Top 10 search keywords, most of them are game-related words, such as "Small Fun", "Children's Games", "Single Player Games" and so on.

Recommended Apps by App Ranking-Central Video

In the past half month, the ranking of the 5G new media platform "Central Video" under China Central Radio and Television Headquarters has risen significantly. Last week, "Central Video" once again dominated the Top 1 list. Compared with "WeChat" and "Pinduoduo" that often appear in Top 1, "Central Video" is undoubtedly a new face.

"Simplicity is not simple"

The "Central Video" App covers content such as hit dramas, CCTV live broadcasts, hot events (such as the European Cup), and Central Friends Circle. Currently, "Central Video" is also inviting users to join in and share videos. In addition, it also supports TV projection, VR/4K live broadcast, etc., which are very rich in content and form, giving users more choices.

At the same time, in such an "not simple" App, there are no paid videos and "ubiquitous" advertisements, and it is truly simple and "no wide".

Content is king, traffic comes from

On June 7th, the TV series "Rebel" was launched, and the downloads of "Central Video" increased slightly; on June 9, the "Central Video" updated version, the icon also added the words "6.12 European Cup", June 12 After the start of the European Cup 2020, the number of downloads exceeded 20w for 7 consecutive days. On June 16, the download volume of "Central Video" reached 39w+.

In addition to the rich content, format, and the bright spots of no ads on the entire platform, the blessing of content has made "Central Video" out of the circle and attracted more attention.

National "App", suitable for all ages

Since its launch in November 2019, "Central Video" has received praise from many netizens, and many netizens have listed it as a "favorite treasure App", sharing their experience on the Internet and in life.

At the same time, the interface and content of "Central Video" are also suitable for all ages: the interface is simple and easy to operate; the content is rich, and it aggregates classic programs such as "Animal World" and "Aerial China"; there are also youthful elements, such as "The Awakening Age" Broadcasting of popular dramas such as "The Rebel". No ads + clear and smooth + support for screen projection and other highlights, stand out from the crowd of traditional videos.

Although "Central Video" is backed by the "big tree" of CCTV, it still brings a lot of surprises to users, which is worth exploring together.

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