Much has changed in mobile and app advertising with the rollout of iOS 15. Now Facebook issued a statement on how advertisers can boost their campaign performance despite the privacy updates and how the changes may affect them.

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The social network confirmed that cots of campaigns may have increased in light of harder-to-achieve measurements.

It admitted that it was underreporting iOS web conversions by around 15%.

However, it also said that conversions such a sales and app installs were likely higher than reported by marketers.

In light of the changes and to help app developers boost performance, the company issued a series of actions advertisers can now take.

Facebook also recommends marketers test various strategies such as bidding, format and audiences to see what works best for them.

At the same time, the social network said it was making several changes to its ad platform, including improved conversion modelling, fixing reporting gaps, tracking web conversions and bolstering its measurement technologies.

Facebook said:

“We are confident the actions above will continue to provide even more value to you over time. Our top priority is making sure that you’re able to reach current and new customers, drive your marketing objectives and measure the performance of your advertising campaigns while helping you honor customers’ choices around privacy.“

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