Our customer is India’s leading private-sector banking and financial services company. In 2008, they launched their mobile banking app, in order to improve the customer experience by giving their users new, convenient ways to access accounts and maintain their finances. In December 2020, they revamped their app to combine banking and payment features, offering these services to customers of any bank. Today, the app offers over 250 banking and informational services, empowering users to take care of their banking needs from their smartphones.

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Grow Traffic on Product Pages

It was imperative for this banking company’s mobile marketing team to increase traffic on web and in-app product pages by directing the right user to the right product. Providing demonstrable value to users is crucial to converting them. With this in mind, the marketing team decided to implement a Next Best Offer model with their marketing automation partner.


Increase Revenue Through Cross-Selling

Another key goal for the team is to increase sales and revenue generated by their website and mobile app. Understanding which products to recommend to each user was critical to a successful cross-selling program. They needed unique insights into user actions and preferences after purchase in order to create cross-selling campaigns that would convert.


Identify Pain Points in the User Journey

Increasing app traffic and improving revenue is possible only if users have a great experience from the start. And providing that great experience is only possible if the team has a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and the causes of user drop-off.


Before ASOWorld, our customer explored a number of different engagement platforms. But in terms of performance and delivery rates, ASOWorld excelled. Higher response rates for notifications and more incisive and action-oriented campaign reports made the ASOWorld platform the clear leader. After conducting proof-of-concept for a year, our customer chose ASOWorld as their marketing automation partner.

The mobile marketing team tracks different metrics depending on the product and use case. Across all product categories, they track app launch and logins. Conversion rate is measured in products such as bill payments, fixed deposits, personal loans, and iWish Flexible Recurring Deposits.

Journeys and In-App Notifications to Boost Traffic

Journeys form a key part of their app engagement strategy. They’ve built over 49 Journey campaigns to engage users at the perfect time and increase app usage, drive conversions, and bring back dormant users.

The data science team created a Next Best Offer (NBO) model based on a user’s details and relationship status with the bank. The mobile marketing team worked in tandem with ASOWorld to launch the model which provides recommendations to users via in-app interstitial and footer notifications.

For example, if a user keeps visiting the fixed deposit page but doesn’t create a fixed deposit, the model recommends a fixed deposit.

The mobile marketing team also uses this model to promote different products. They promote 5 to 6 products to each user every month, and each product gets promoted for 5 days. Every day, the user receives a new interstitial notification. This way, they promote a total of 22 products to over 7 million users.

Campaigns to Re-engage Users

The bank uses in-app notifications to promote various products, provide app updates, and re-engage users who’ve dropped out of journeys. They have 22 drop-off notification campaigns to get users to complete their respective journeys.

For fixed deposits, initially, they used a 15-minute instant drop-off notification. To increase conversions, they initiated a new logic to create a multi-day notification campaign. On the day a customer drops off from the journey, they send a notification within 15 minutes. If the user doesn’t click on the notification to complete the journey within 24 hours, they send a notification on the 3rd day. If the user still doesn’t respond, they send a notification on the 7th day.

Analytics to Pull Deeper User Insights

With analytics and engagement tools combined in a single platform, the mobile marketing team is able to get a comprehensive view of user behavior.

Funnels help them understand how users navigate through their journeys and help them gauge their effectiveness. With trends, they compare events over time to understand how users engage with the platform. If a user purchases a particular product, information about when that user will make the next purchase is uncovered using trends.

Pivots help them dive deeper into critical events like cross-selling by analyzing hidden patterns in user behavior, and these insights help them build more effective cross-sell campaigns.


Before partnering with ASOWorld, their in-app campaigns contributed 1% of the total app and website traffic. Now, the campaigns they’ve created generate 25% of traffic. Using the multi-day drop off campaign, the team saw a 4x increase in users who created a fixed deposit.

Overall, our customer has seen a 10-12% boost in business with ASOWorld’s engagement and analytics features.

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